Moon Walker “Light Burns Out”

We’re glad to announce that Los Angeles, United States-based indie/alternative rock band Moon Walker have released a new single, entitled “Light Burns Out.”

Moon Walker is Harry Springer (guitar, vocals) and Sean McCarthy (drums). They met in high school in Colorado and have been playing together ever since. Moon Walker’s main musical influences include The Beatles, ELO, T Rex, Talking Heads, Jack White, and Can. They’re also the co-founders of rock band The Midnight Club, having started this project as an outlet during the quarantine. As The Midnight Club, they toured and performed in front of as many as 20,000 people and have shared the stage with such bands as Cage The Elephant, Young The Giant and others. And when they aren’t using their LA apartment as a recording studio or music video production center, both Sean and Harry are active session musicians and composers for other projects as well.

Moon Walker had their first show on July 7th at Adults Only in LA; and prior to releasing their newest single, “Light Burns Out,” Moon Walker released two other great singles in advance of their upcoming debut album: “Tear Down The Wall” and “The TV Made Me Do It,” the latter of which you can read our review for here. “Light Burns Out” is Moon Walker’s third single, recorded in the band’s apartment and produced, mixed and engineered by Harry.

Describing the politically-charged theme of their upcoming debut album, Harry writes, “The whole record is a criticism of our country. I think everyone in school, my generation were taught a lot of nonsense about what this country stands for and how we got where we are. Entering the real world is a shock to our generation because we have been blatantly lied to. Everything is geared to erasing history and framing America (white America, specifically), in the best light.

Heavily inspired by movie soundtracks and lyrical concepts, Harry describes their debut record as an apocalyptic soundscape for him to rant over. And in keeping with this theme, he writes about the track “Light Burns Out,” “This song was written on Daily Savings and it explores the concept that, the country is not only setting the clocks back an hour, we’re also sprinting back to the 1950’s, socially and politically. Financially, we’re headed towards the Great DepressionThe song is part scathing criticism, and part heartfelt plea. This is not the country that my schooling taught me it was. Our history is not as it was presented to me. Keeping people in the dark does us no good. We need to open our eyes and make a conscious effort to progress as a society.

Moon Walker have also released a great music video for “Light Burns Out,” which you can check out here:

“Light Burns Out” begins as a ballad, a whirring mellotron harmonizing nicely with gentle piano notes as the laid-back rhythms of the bass and drums sustain their heartfelt melodies. At the same time, Harry’s scathing vocals and thoughtful lyrics complement the introspective mood of “Light Burns Out” quite well; and as the track unfolds, it evolves into a boisterous singalong that will unite listeners from all walks of life through the power of music. As Harry says, “I think this song is probably the Moon Walker song that has the best shot at unification on any level. Our music is generally pretty pointed and direct, but the message with this one is simple: We drown, we drown together.” “Light Burns Out” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Moon Walker’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock and indie pop alike.

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