Coastal Town “Summer Sundays”

Coastal Town performs an ode to a specific moment in time and space that  deeply impacted their lives in ‘Summer Sundays’.

The multi-generational, indie pop band Coastal Town is a Vancouver-based tight-knit family consisting of different families, with most of their eight members being high school students experiencing the prime of their adolescence (a theme they have aced in their music). The band also has a number of mentors who belong to their local music community, crediting advisers Kris Schulz, Kelly Brown, and Jacob Sayer as great contributors to the group’s development. 

As the group members are still finding themselves as individuals, their topic range is diverse and there are no limits to what they’ll talk about in their music. Coastal Town proudly lets their songs take over during the songwriting process, and the creative liberty given to all the members and their talents gives the final product an innovative and pure feeling where the love they hold for their music is tangible. 

Coastal Town has been slowly releasing songs from an album that will be fully out by the end of 2021. Counting with the support of fifteen contributors, all the songs hold a special and immovable spot in the album. As the group keeps releasing more songs in order of their least to most favorite ranking, people will be able to keep identifying with different aspects of theirs, from the meaningful and cozy lyrics that drive their music to their staple alternative, indie pop sound.

Summer Sundays, released on the ninth of June, is the group’s latest release and a nostalgic experience for those who still dream and think back on their youth.

Either a bittersweet goodbye to that relaxation felt during  childhood and adolescence, or a commemoration of something you haven’t experienced in a long time, Summer Sundays is primarily a love letter to those days where time seemed to stop and allowed everyone to get an additional amount of peace and rest before the weekly cycle begins again. 

Originally written in the summer of 2018, the song spent a couple of years being worked on before it was finished just before the pandemic hit. Despite the long time it spent in the works and having it’s production finalized in summer 2020, the song does not feel outdated in the slightest. There is a timeless feeling found in a song that takes the listener back to their own youth, allowing for people of different ages to still see themselves and their past in the song regardless of the years it took place. 

Instead, the highlight of the song is how the instrumentals and vocals feel akin to a bonfire, providing comfort and lulling people back into some of their favorite memories. The sincere feel obtained through the vocals and topic at hand make this track stand out from the more danceable tracks that come out during this season. 

The song was inspired by the members’ favorite summer anthems, adding a layer of additional affection to the track. During the making of the song, the group decided to take things a step further and play more with the lyrics, making a collage that featured those same pieces who inspired them in the first place. The final version of Summer Sundays holds a total of 24 references, and so besides gifting their audience a memorable song, Coastal Town has also brought with them an entertaining game that challenges listeners’ knowledge of beloved summer tracks. 

As Coastal Town shows more sides of themselves to the public, they keep becoming more appealing to those around them. Holding a sincerity unique to their age range and origin story, the group is bound to leave a unique mark in the community and market. 

Photo containing vocalists: Michal, Juscella, and Eunice (left to right). Unseen members are: Joyce, Christian, Charlie, Darren, and Aura.

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