Well, hello to you, my dear friends! Hope you’re all doing great, are safe and sound. Today’s single is all about friendship and the strength one can find in it when battling their own demons. “Dear Friend” is Sydney artist N4NOVEMBER’s first release ever, and it’s great song for continuing to push through the week. Listen now!

N4NOVEMBER is Alex’s solo project where he plays everything from drums, to guitars, to lead vocals. His greatest influence and musical hero is pop superstar Taylor Swift, as he admires her ability to create entire worlds and stories in just a single song. Alex strives to reach those levels of creativity, and “Dear Friends” is a mean step towards his goal.

But don’t let yourselves be fooled, even though he has a pop background and sound, there’s a fierce energy that emanates through his music. Some kind of sheer force that explodes in bursts of confidence and a will to carry on, even when skies are grey.

I started writing this song right at the beginning of the Covid19 lockdown back in March of 2020. Just like every creative person, I didn’t want this time to be wasted, so I got to writing. And at the time, I was lacking inspiration, I knew what I wanted to write about but didn’t know how to express it. So I procrastinated watching movies and TV shows.” – N4NOVEMBER

But those TV shows and movies brought the inspiration Alex was missing and helped him write this song. For those of you who have a vast knowledge of film-pop-culture, you might just find some quotes from the movies and shows Alex was inspired from.

In my personal opinion, what stands out more about the song is its chorus, as Alex was able to create a huge wall of sound of instruments and drums. With beautiful low backup vocals on the sides, Dear Friend‘ chorus is rich both in harmony and structure, allowing it to deliver the special message Alex was trying to send.

Other inspirations are my everyday life, which consists of mental illness, the everyday battle. I don’t want to say specifically what the song is about, but to those who figure it out and struggle with these battles, we will get through this fight.” – Alex

Another great characteristic of the song is that it turns into a conversation between two people and, depending on who you think who is saying which line, the entire song could mean something different! A song with many meanings! Which was just what Alex was trying to convey.

Think of this song as a conversation between two people, the one writing the letter, and the one responding. When listening, think of who’s saying which line, the story and meaning of the song might change drastically if you change who is saying which line, the writer or the responder.” – N4NOVEMBER

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