Ettie “Starting Again”

Knowing who you really are is one of the most important personal assets. The journey to learning that truth, however, can take a while, and the confusion it brings is sometimes endless. But once you’ve reached your truth, it opens a whole new world! That’s also the theme for a new single released by an artist who knows and has experiences all of this first-hand. Read on to learn more about this powerful single and the creator behind it!

This is Ettie, a young British singer-songwriter running a very straightforward alt-pop, fresh in sound and loaded with feelings. And feelings she has a lot to share. Her being an English Literature graduate also trickles into her lyricism, resulting in all feelings and happenings perfectly translated and turned into captivating stories. Add to that her emotional singing style, and you’ll get music that is utterly honest without needless embellishments, full of heart and thought-inspiring.

Over the course of 2 years of releasing music, Ettie has fully embraced her identity and she’s now openly queer artist. That is reflected in her music, especially her latest 2 singles. “I’m Sorry To My Exes” is an apology to her previous male partners, and “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” sees her dissecting the “Beautiful Destructive Woman” stereotype seen so often in movies, and mental health problems growing out of that. Peeking at her older releases, the listener will certainly find a lot of relevant messages – especially that song titled “Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety”, and charming sounds.

Today Ettie continues her story of self-discovery with her newest single called “Starting Again“. It’s a song of the artist standing on the doorway to the new world of love and experience, and this time it’s knowing who she is. The relief and excitement gets underlined by the slow and powerful chorus, a true celebration of her identity and the sheer feeling that this time it will feel just right.

“Starting Again” symbolizes the regeneration of a person who has learned their true identity. The person dives into the world of love and affection with memories from the past that feel both theirs and someone else’s. It’s a new life open in front of them now. At the same time it’s a message of comfort – it’s alright to find out who you are later in life. The journey for Ettie has been quite long, but every gained experience has taken her closer to her truth. There’s no doubt yours will too, whatever answer it is that you’re searching!

This song is also the third single from Ettie’s debut album. The three singles have stirred up a lot of anticipation and excitement over what the album might offer. It certainly feels like waiting for a surprise parcel full of great things.

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