Scott Swain- “Skeletons”

Inspiration for a new track can come to us in unexpected ways. Such is the case of “Skeletons” the newest single from South London based singer songwriter Scott Swain. By mixing various influences from music, films and even kids books, Scott Swain is able to tackle with “Skeletons” difficult subject matters while at the same time creating a mood of spooky chaotic fun.

“Skeletons” is part of Scott Swain’s second EP Isolation after the realease of his previous work Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home in May of 2018. His varied musical inspirations range form The Doors, to Tommy Cash, to Depeche Mode and The Smashing Pumpkins. However, his main source of creativity is cinema. Swain bases his lyrics on movies that have left an impression in him. An avid listener may be able to identify which film he is singing about. Trying to do so is a fun and original way in which the listener can engage with the artist and the track.

The single was born while Scott Swain was watching the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. The opening moments of the film have Leatherface chase two high-school delinquents while the song “No One Lives Forever” by Danny Elfman-led band Oingo Boingo plays in the background. Impressed by the track and by the film, Swain decided to play around the spooky mood proposed by them. This scene, alongside the children’s book series Funny Bones, serve as the basis of the atmosphere of “Skeletons”: a “gothic darkness presented in a child friendly way”, as Swain describes.

Lyrically, “Skeletons” is loosely inspired by the film Sleepers. Swain reflects around the role that systematic violence plays in our society and how we must challenge it. It is hidden deep from within power structures, such as skeletons buried under the floorboards. The themes resonate with the overall “strangeness” and high energy created by the instrumentation and Swain’s vocals. The muted trumpet plays an introductory theme that immediately announces to the listener what they are going to get. This theme reappers throughout the track between the verses and the choruses, easily staying in the ears of the listener. Swain’s vocals perfectly mix the themes, lyrics and melody of the song. During the verses, he sings as if he was whispering a secret, letting us know that he knows where the bodies are hidden. His voice slowly gains intensity, until all the pent-up anger is let out during the chorus as if finally letting out the skeleton from inside the closet.

With “Skeletons” Scott Swain proves that inspiration for a track can come from anywhere. It is an energetic single that explores difficult themes while at the same time being very fun to listen to. Definitely give it a listen !

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