Yes! Call In Dead are back! The US hard core punks have made a comeback after releasing their last single, “Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans” with a more aggressive, gutural, and flesh squelching single: “Fight of the Bumblebee“, please note that is fight, not flight! ;D.

In case you missed CID’s previous releases you can find them here: Summer Camp, Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans.

Welcome back! Today we humbly present the latest single of one of our favorite punk/hardcore/metal bands out there. Call In Dead is presenting their third single off of their 7″ released by DCxPC Live. And if you don’t know who they are by now, be sure to check out their last articles!

“Fight Of The Bumblee” continues to represent the band’s love for punk, hardcore and metal. I’m talking about one and a half minute of pure distortion, rawness and violence! What a blast! But don’t be scared! As you may know, it’s not all just aggression with this fellas as they try and send out a positive message. “Take the road less travelled” because doing what everyone else has already done is not how to live.” – CID

Musically the intro and bridge riff were stolen from Dick Dale. Mr. P thought it sounded similar to a song by one of his favorite DC hardcore punk bands of the early to mid 2000’s, The Homeowners. They had a song that Mr. P’s wife called the bumblebee song because it sounded like flight of the bumblebees. When Mr. P heard the riff for this song, it made him remember The Homeowners and his wife’s comment, so he started calling the song “Flight of the Bumblebee”, but then he realized that “Fight” works better not only because the song is so aggressive, but also because we literally shout “fight” in the song.” – CID

With a broad enough topic, this song can be related with coping with depression, facing your fears or coping with the stress of life. The “road less travelled” is a well known phrase that is also the ethos that undergirds the essence of life of for people who are part of the hardcore punk scene!

The 7” was released on DCxPC Live which is run by Call in Dead’s bass player and drummer. Bands don’t get signed to the label. The label puts out one release at a time as desired. No multi-album deals. The label was started in response to the pandemic. Since live shows were gone, DCxPC Live started booking livestreams shows. During their first livestream, it occurred to Mike and Mr. P that they should record the tracks and release them as live songs on vinyl. Thus DCxPC Live became a label that releases only live music on short runs of vinyl” – CID

Call In Dead believes that the power and energy of live shows outshine the studio recordings, and they have proven that time and time again with each single.

CID would like to credit Jessica Hadas for the photos.

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