Jacqueline Loor “I’m Done With You”

Love is a beautiful feeling, one that everyone craves to feel. A relationship is also a mutual effort from both sides, and when it doesn’t turn out to be fitting, when the person you adore so much misses the mark just a little bit, it’s the most devastating feeling. Today, a wonderful artist has come out with a song addressing those exact feelings, giving them a stage and a voice to be heard!

The Tenerife-based artist with her powerful voice and emotional songwriting is back. 2021 has been a pretty busy year for Jacqueline Loor, as she has already released three singles – the dark cinematic “Burn It Down” addressing societal facades, tender duet “Carry Through” and tear-soaked “I Broke My Heart” which midway reaches a revelation. Each time, Jacqueline has shown her artistry from a new side, showing just how skilled she is at writing music that is more than just a song. She displays life in a theatrical setting, the rawness and confusing sides of emotions and matters of the heart given the central stage. It’s definitely no wonder Jacqueline got a sync placement for “Burn It Down” – her music has such cinematic powers.

Today she is ready to release her newest song. Seeing its title – “I’m Done With You“, it’s quite apparent this song is going to be a emotional one, but it still didn’t prepare for what hitting the play button on the song will offer. Deep lush and very somber piano chords begin the song, echoing in the boundless darkness, and Jacqueline’s breaking voice comes in, whispering the sheer expression of disappointment, anger and grief over the love unfitting despite wanting it to work out oh so much. The shattering despair and confusion thicken the atmosphere as she pours all of those feelings into the song, letting her voice become the embodiment of the heartbroken person.

The song is co-written with Jessica Smith, who Jacqueline met at a sync course. The duo hit off well based on their mutual love for moody songs and artists such as Adele, Tori Amos and Kate Bush, but what took them on to write this new song was their discussion over past relationships gone wrong. The question of why people spend so much extra time with wrong partners left them wondering, and that question is the basis of this new single. It’s a story of a person, who is so in love with someone they try their best to ignore all the red flags until it becomes unbearable to handle the conflicting feelings – it hurts so much, but I’m done with you!

This single reminds me of a quote from Bojack Horseman – “when you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” But like in that show, the pink cloud fades and rose-tinted glasses crack in real life too and the reality returns in its stinging form, flooding us just like the vocals in the song, breaking from the weight and soaring from letting it all spill out from within. A life lesson and a reminder it’s ok to feel bad, “I’m Done With You” is a heavily relevant song for all people fumbling their way around in the world of love.

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