Hard Rock/Metal teenage artist KA4LEE delivers a fierce interpretation against women’s undermining in the aggressive feminist anthem: “Hell And Back“.

I couldn’t be happier my friends, just last week we had RinRin’s outstanding metal single and today I pleased my ears to this volatile metal anthem brought to us by 19 yo USA artist, K4YLEE. “Hell And Back” is a defying tune against patriarchy that hits you with the force of a thousand atomic bombs. Girl, what a voice.

Chuggin guitars are the best guitars, but when mixed with the empowered voice of a woman… well. Kaylee Rogers aka K4YLEE is a metal/hard rock singer from Baton Rouge, USA, who grew tired of men looking down on women, both in the social and the music world. Gathering up her eccentricity, the once confined and dismissed girl turned into K4YLEE, armed with unapologetic lyrics and a powerhouse voice that’d make a mountain tremble.

“HELL AND BACK” is a politically driven diss-track aimed at the entire patriarchy! Whether you are a teenager like me, or a woman in her 60’s, every female has felt pressured to fit into the ever-so-restrictive stereotypical ‘feminine’ standard at some point in her life. As women, we are sometimes expected to be fragile, complacent, and submissive.” – K4YLEE

K4YLEE aimed at challenging those expectations by writing a feminist anthem with the underlying theme that women go through hell and back in their daily lives. This is her second single, following up her first release “LIES”.

As a woman entering a male-dominated scene, the rock genre is historically an unfortunately intimidating territory for females. Joan Jett played shows for years before she could even step on stage without being spat on for wanting to play electric guitar as a woman. With that being said, I hold a lot of faith in my generation and truly believe that we are finally overthrowing gatekeepers of rock music and allowing a new generation who are unafraid of diversity to breathe life into the scene. This song might upset some people – the people who are afraid to see women take up space.” K4YLEE

Mastered by Julian Comeau (Loveless, Downer Inc., I Prevail, Falling In Reverse) the single bursts with heavenly fires, heavy-hitting riffs and smoldering vocals. A true conveyance of female angst and rage.

“This song will resonate with any woman at any stage in life, because underneath the glamour that society places upon the female experience, there is rage and vindication inside of us that society doesn’t want to shed light upon.” – K4YLEE

K4YLEE would want her first listeners to know that she always gravitated towards music that made her feel important, and that now that she makes her own music she will do the same for her listeners.

“You have the ability to take HELL AND BACK and make it your own. When you scream the lyrics, hold on to that feeling of vindication you get knowing your voice matters. There will always be a mirror within my lyrics to anyone that wants to look closely enough.” – K4YLEE

Rock on, K4YLEE, rock on.

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