Max Bianco “Can’t Wait to Wake Up in the Morning”

As the world has spiralled into the maddening dystopia in the hands of germs, a glimmer of hope for things to be better soon is not only wished for, but also needed. This thought is followed by a lovely band, who has written a song that is exactly what is needed to bring a little smile on your face – a bit of hope for a better tomorrow!

Max Bianco is an UK-based singer, guitarist despite not owning a guitar yet, and a poet-songwriter. Together with mates who he met at a pub in 2018, he runs a band called Max Bianco and the Bluehearts. Inspirations flowing in from every window and door, the band creates some of the warmest-sounding alt-rock music. The band’s influences ranging from Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan to The Clash and the Rolling Stones are also recognizable in their sound. Guitar riffs swirl and dance in an airy atmosphere that feels like I’m at their live event. A variety of emotions and messages get cleverly represented by the lead singer’s uniquely british vocals and the full-bodied and skilled instrumentation. All this offers a huge amount of good vibes and a feeling that this band would be most awesome seen live at a little venue.

Today, Max and his band is back to introduce their newest single, an optimism-loaded “Can’t Wait to Wake Up in the Morning“. It’s one of those songs that just happen, and this one came to the artist one morning after attending an eye-opening BLM event. After a slow gentle start, the uplifting guitar strumming picks up and the singer starts the song by singing the title, like a hopeful person looking into the coming day and a desire to leave the pain and sadness behind. This load of optimistic feelings carried by this song aims to lift the listener up and out of the sadness and anger. Like a plane about to takeoff, the song knows there is sun above the grey layer of clouds. That emotion of hope soon becomes soaring, as the song progresses to include joyful piano notes shimmering like the light spheres in morning dew.

“I just hope it can influence people to come together a little more, make everything a little brighter every now and again and for any potential fans, they can expect that I will be staying around for the long haul and will be an active artist for the long run.”

The humble man in his flowery coat and his bandmates have a lot of joy to offer in both their backlog as well as in the future, which is no doubt going to be wonderful!

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