MOLTENO “Our house is on fire”

Trapping us in an isolating and thought-provoking bubble, MOLTENO‘s new trackOur House Is On Firebrings eeriness into dreamy alt-pop with a suffocating determination. 

As expected of a person and artist dedicated to the elements, the moon and the ever-shining stars, MOLTENO’s music fits right into the ethereal, “magic that can only be obtained in dreams” meditative soundscape. Her soft but powerful vocals can either bring a piece of reality or submerge the listener deeper into the surrealist experience. 

This accomplished singer and songwriter has also showcased her talents as a producer and multi-instrumentalist, with her music so far being a visual and auditory representation of her journey through outer space and all across the planet. MOLTENO’s music merges dream pop and alt R&B elements with trip hop beats, which is what gives the otherworldly, futuristic feeling to this immersive project. 

Her song Our house is on fire, is the first single from her upcoming EP titled ‘Element 1’.

Our house is on fire details the sensation of being trapped somewhere you don’t belong. Whether it is the total isolation from the outside world or the state of unfamiliarity that grows deeper the longer you spend in said location, there is an undeniable desperation simmering below those emotions, ready to blow up at the slightest provocation. 

This compelling and dreamlike alternative pop track is surrounded by an air of melancholy, and its reverberating beats and glistening synths work hard to accentuate the feeling. Alongside MOLTENO’s sublime vocals and emotive lyrics, Our house is on fire will haunt the listener as it brings them company in the dead of the night. 

MOLTENO speaks more about the song, sharing her experience during the past year and how it led to the song’s existence. 

Our house is on fire was initially inspired by the feeling that my home wasn’t my home anymore. I wanted to explore the way an experience can completely change the dynamic of a space. Like there’s been a house fire and everything is tainted. Written in a makeshift studio in the middle of nowhere, at the time of writing it was so quiet and eerie, with no planes in the sky – it made me contemplate another way that isn’t setting the planet alight!”

A song on the sadder side of belonging and comfort, MOLTENO’s Our house is on fire is here to discuss a common sensation felt by most of us in the past year and a half. While part of its focus is on alienation, the track still manages to make people come together and unite around the song and artist who make them feel understood. 

Bewitching those who come across her hazy, atmospheric soundscapes, MOLTENO continues to deliver music focused on protecting ourselves and our planet. 

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