Rival Karma “Honey!”

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based “Ninja Rock” duo Rival Karma have released a new single, entitled “Honey!

Rival Karma started as a group with four members in 2018, and it was while gaining traction with a string of scheduled gigs and a debut tour lined up for Europe the same year when two of its members disbanded. As a result, the remaining members, vocalist and guitarist Martin Roux and drummer Piergiorgio “PJ” Ciarla, decided to move forward with the tour as a duo. From then on, the pair continued touring across Europe (Italy, Spain, France Germany, UK) and West Coast US, releasing their first EP to high acclaim as well as opening for guitar-driven buzzband Reignwolf on select European dates.

Since 2020, Rival Karma have been NAMM 2020’s SoundBrenner Artists and have received over 250,000 Spotify streams for their song “Apocalypse Boogie.” The duo’s main influences include Queens of the Stone Age, Black Pumas, and Dave Matthews Band; and they’ve worked with producer Sam Miller, who has worked with artists such as Paloma Faith and Razorlight, among others. Additionally, they’ve been featured on popular Spotify playlists including Volume and All New Rock.

Rival Karma’s new track, “Honey!” will be included on their forthcoming sophomore E.P., and despite its upbeat and bold instrumentals, the track is quite somber in its subject matter. According to the pair, “The whole E.P. was born through the idea of manifesting the band’s different emotions through music. ‘Honey’ is the opening track of the E.P, so while it is musically upbeat, it is about the particular regret of not speaking up about the way you truly feel about someone…a lover, a soulmate, a friend, a relative.

“Honey!” was recorded in a hidden gem studio in London called the fish factory – hidden behind an old fish market. The song showcases irresistibly gritty guitar strumming and wistful, distant vocals throughout that mourn the absence of someone special. It’s a track about the emotion of regret–when true feelings are only expressed too late, or never in time–an all too human feeling. Although the single channels challenging sentiments, the duo comments, “…really it’s about an emotion, a powerful emotion that most of us have had in our lives, and that we all learn to live with.

And for first-time listeners, Rival Karma say, “If people have never listened to us before, and if they love our music, all we ask is for them to spread the word ! We play ninja rock, and only ask to spread the ninja word !!

On the feature video we will be wearing hand made origami animal masks that embody our spirit animals – keep an eye out for it 😉

“Honey!” begins with a raw, punchy guitar riff, and the driving rhythms of the drums soon join in to propel the track into a catchy, dynamic groove. Throughout “Honey!”, thoughtful lyrics float over the distorted guitar chords and precise drumming, the vocals harmonizing quite nicely with the guitar melodies. Rival Karma’s new single is quite an enjoyable listen, attesting to the duo’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and stoner rock alike.

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