Everything but the Everything- “Denials”

Everything but the Everything is a project by Oakland based producer Izzy The Gent. It is a project in which Izzy composes tracks and features different artists for each different single as a way of diversifying the sound with each new release. “Denials”, featuring Tobias Hawkins, is the latest single of the project, following “Blue Sun” featuring Olivia Barchard. With sharp synths and Hawkins powerful vocals, “Denials” is a single that traps the listener under its spell.

Izzy’s inspiration in his work ethos comes from the model of EDM producers, featuring different singers with each single, EP or LP. That way, each track released under the project Everything but the Everything has an unique sound that is closely tied to the contributions of each individual singer. One singer can fit certain single’s mood, another one may fit another. Each track stands on its own against the other. “Denials” also features Andrew Gomez at the keys, Landon Cisneros at the drums, Izzy the Gent at the guitars and bass and Rex Shervelton at the recording booth. Everything but the Everything becomes a project that encompasses not only a variety of singers, but also styles and atmospheres.

In the case of “Denials”, Tobias Hawkins’ vocals standout as his voice calls for help over the synths and guitars. Being his fourth collaboration with Izzy the Gent, it is crystal clear that why he was chosen for this track. Hawkins’ vocals have the power to convey sadness and despair while expressing the intensity necessary to keep up with the track’s energy. Through his voice alone, Hawkins creates a harrowing, but not extremely depressing, atmosphere that a listener can sing alongside without a guilty conscience. The other instruments contribute each one in their own way to the this sensation. They create a mood as if we were driving through the desert at midnight, as we hear Hawkins calling us from a distant place.

Everything but the Everything is an interesting proyect that stands out through its original work ethos. By handpicking his collaborators, Izzy the Gent is able to create tracks that are unique and handcrafted considering each singers talent. “Denials” fully exploits Tobias Hawkins vocal range and sound. With such a single, only one question remains: who will Everything but the Everything feature in the future? We are anxious to find out!

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