NEW SINGLE RELEASED – 23rd July 2021

A kaleidoscopic song! – you are about to be converted!

NDX believe in the rhythm in slow burning new single ‘Religion
A brooding, steamy, grooving slice of addictive rock’n’soul that builds from throbbing bass to guitar-screaming crescendo via a soulful chorus that’s so infectious you’ll never shake it off – even if you’ve been double vaccinated.

The latest offering from NDX (Near Death Experience) transports us back in time to the halcyon days of the 70’s and drops us right at the front of the stage to see the latest futuristic glam-rock quartet on the scene. It’s a psychotropic song that takes you on one hell of a 3 minute ride!

A slow electronic intro. deceives temporarily – but it doesn’t take long for the song to build and gather serious pace – the rhythm becomes more and more insistent and the vocals become more vehement. The song rapidly reaches a chaotic and bombastic climax and the ride is over all too soon. NDX are intent on converting their crowd, NDX are bellowing from the pulpit and looking for new disciples!

It’s definitely a departure for NDX, but I think you can still tell it’s us

This is a pulsing, coruscating track that leaves behind indelible traces after you have listened to it – it’s musical signatures permeate the ears and etch into the brain – it’s a trip you will never forget! Vocally and lyrically, it lands somewhere right between Will Butler and Buster Poindexter – it’s quirky, it’s eccentric, it’s brash and it’s very catchy. Safe to say, NDX’s latest experiment was a success – this song will stick long in the memory.

Guitarist Bill Marten counters Whiteling’s chorus melody with a lead line that’s straight out of the glam 70s.

Ian Whiteling preaches like an evangelical clergyman, drawing you in with a velvet growl that builds to a climax in the chorus where he demands: “I’m a believer, believe in me!”

Be sure to play this song loud! – and don’t miss out on the promo video too – it’s very cool.

NDX wear their influences on their sleeve with a series of rising horn passages
that ramp up the tension in psychedelic soul fashion before the chorus hits.

In the bands own words ……..

I (NDX singer Ian Whiteling) wrote Religion back in June 2020 during the UK’s first lockdown, originally on acoustic guitar to a bossa nova beat – in fact you can see me playing a solo version on one of our Instagram posts. During the UK’s second lockdown in January 2021 we were looking to record one of our songs purely electronically as we couldn’t get together as a band, then maybe adding live elements later if and when the lockdown lifted. We chose Religion because of its simplicity and the fact that it had already worked with a synthetic beat.

So our guitarist and sound guru Bill Marten set to work creating the rhythm track, speeding it up to give it a more modern groove. Bill kept the our psychedelic 70s stamp on the tune with brass stabs and builds, and a soaring guitar line for the chorus.

Then when lockdown finally lightened and we could at least get together individually, I recorded a vocal, while our bass play Amar Grover added his bass to the existing Georgio Moroder-style synth bass that was on Bill’s original. Et voila, R3L1G10N was born.

The funky drumming and Moroder-esque bass line, delivered by Amar Grover, wrap ‘Religion’ in a delicious warm groove, that continues to drive the song forward towards its thrilling climax of rising guitars and howling vocals.
The rhythm is indeed the king!
I (Ian Whiteling) create all our videos, and for this one I wanted to ram home the rhythm idea – so I found this great stock footage of vibrating speakers, which forms the backdrop to a lot of the video. For the 70s style chorus I just went for full on psychedelics, and couldn’t help indulging myself on the crazy ending to the song.

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