Swedish producer, SJÖBLOM presents an indie, new wave track that tackles addictions and searches for new beginnings.

Johan Sjöblom Eliot, a producer from Stockholm, Sweden, also known for being the founding member of post punk outfit THE EXPLODING BOY, has released his second single “Brand New Life“. Following his previous release “Tape”, this is second pre-single from his upcoming album “Demons”.

Produced by Jon Bordon in his studio Joniverse, the song is an indie anthem with new-wave undertones that speaks of battling addictions, or rather the fear of them which, in the mind of SJÖBLOM, is worse.

“It’s the sort of indie song I’ve always wanted to write, cause it’s part of my roots. I made half of the track already 15 years ago and the rest last year when I recorded it.” – SJÖBLOM

Most of JOBLÖM’s songs are about life and the things around him. Mixing reality with fiction, SJOBLÖM always presents meaningful songs that sound both good and honest. The producer also likes to go back in time to songs he wrote 10 or 15 years ago, even if he can’t remember what the lyrics were about!

Brand New Life” is no exception. Written 15 years ago, SJÖBLOM can’t really remember what he was talking about in the verses! “It probably had something to do with a girl and that I was sad“, says the producer.

“The chorus was made last year around may, and when I made it I thought it sounded like something my friend and Swedish artist Henric De La Cour would have done. He is just great so that’s just a good thing. I have to play it for him and see what he thinks!” – SJÖBLOM

The single comes with three different remixes by great electronic producers which are Swedish electronic sound wizards Agent Side Grinder, Messer Brüder from Germany and the Italian cold wave duo iamnoone. Some more etheral, some more upbeat, all three of them managed to channel the essence of SJÖBLOM’s creation and twisted it into something new completely.

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