Pleeay “Call”

We’re glad to announce that San Francisco, United States-based alt-pop/post-punk duo Pleeay have released a new single, entitled “Call.”

Pleeay are Castle Laws (they/themme) and Huli Curry (he/him), a duo of friends based out of the SF Bay Area. With commanding vocals, killer drums, philosophic tones, and wildly original production, Pleeay will have you scratching your nodding head. They’re inspired by a range of genres including art pop (Bjork), funk (Prince), and punk (Crass), and self-identify as alt-pop/post-punk. From the ballet-trained stage presence of front person Castle Laws to the mind-bending beats of instrumentalist Huli Curry, Pleeay are full of raw energy, and their goal is to create a place for people to feel their feelings and dance in the face of fear.

Prior to releasing “Call,” the duo released three other great singles this year, “Quiet,” “Consequence,” and “Clear.” They will be releasing their debut album in October 2021.

“Call,” illustrates the journey to find one’s true self in a world that profits off of people’s insecurities. The track speaks from the perspective of the outsider, the weirdo, the atypical, to remind us all that when we make changes to satisfy society, we sacrifice our true selves.

“Call” opens with minimal synth sounds backing up the track’s inspired lyrics, which tell an intimate confession. Tension and energy rise in waves to a crescendo, buoyed by creative drum rhythms and bubbly, gleaming synth notes, eventually resolving back to the confessional with a new perspective–a new support. Throughout “Call,” the texturally and rhythmically vibrant, hypnotic atmosphere set by the synths and drums highlight the emotive vocal melodies rather well, reflecting Pleeay’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. “Call” is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of Charlotte Adigéry, Kate Bush, and Talking Heads, as well as to fans of post-punk, alt-pop, and synth-pop alike.

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