The foxtails “Waste of a Night”

Love and passion spark in a warm summer night As a result an array of things happen that one would usually not get into. At that time it felt just right. The release of those feelings has also inspired a wonderful debut release and a potential song of the summer. Read on to learn more about this tune and the artist behind it!

Living in the Southern California, the duo of best friends Kevin and Ethan joined forces mid-pandemic and created their own musical project. Their silky sound influenced by the warm magical atmosphere of their homeland and the desire to spread the good mood makes it just natural to name the project as the Foxtails – lush, soft and full of little sparks of optimism. Armed by their rich backlog of wild and sometimes insane stories, the Foxtails is the duo’s musical vessel to spread a load of happiness, joy of life and relaxing vibes. Time to let go of everyday worries and fear of the uncertain and have a lovely day, perhaps go somewhere nice – together with the Foxtails, your day will most certainly become lighter and sunnier. This duo knows their magic!

“For first time listeners, I thank them for joining us on our musical journey. Our music is very personal and we think every moment in your life, good or bad, needs a good beat behind it. We don’t shoehorn ourselves into one genre and you’ll hear a really wide soundscape from us. One of our biggest musical idols is The 1975 and they are just so good at having a million influences and styles in their records. On their latest album they have an intro with spoken word by Greta Thunberg followed by an industrial punk track. I can’t think of any other alt/indie band that could pull that off confidently. Our first single is super 80’s synthpop inspired and we lathered all these glitzy pads and wet synths on it with some Johnny Marr style rhythm guitars but we can’t promise our next singles will sound anything like this. Our albums are like a buffet of all this music that we just love and we pick and choose how we think we can best get the message of that specific song across to our audience. The one thing we can promise you is that everything we release has a message that we feel really passionate about getting out to the people. Cheers, open up a brew, and let’s share the gift of music : )”

The Foxtails has just recently stepped out and into the music world with their debut single – “Waste of a Night”. Even though the title may sound maybe a little bit negative, it’s not so. In fact it’s a story of a one-night stand with someone who feels just right at the time you simply can’t help but fall in love with them, even if temporarily. Add to the mix the endless warm summer nights on Californian shoreline, and you get a particularly intoxicating mood full of love and pleasure, and a little bit of a thorn from knowing this won’t advance to the next day.

Beginning with swaying synths, the smooth vocals speak of these feelings with such endearing simplicity, in a way it shows the little boy in a grown man. The effortlessly laid-back percussion and swirling sounds that feel simultaneously drunk and sober gain weight as the song progresses and more summery synths join the chorus – butterflies let loose in the stomach. The artist tames them and turns this experience into a song, a beautiful memory of a one-time event between two people on a night that may likely not happen again.

“The song comes from a place of vulnerability and looking for genuine human connection in every new face. When you’re fresh out of a relationship, especially a long term one, you have so many questions about your own identity and self-worth and you wonder what people see in you. This song is a reflection of meeting someone that you know isn’t good for you but curiosity, physical attraction, and insecurity come together and you do things you might otherwise not do (like have a one night stand haha…). Having these experiences is very human however and it’s an important part of your own personal growth and just having fun honestly. Sometimes you just need to stop taking yourself so seriously and have one beautiful waste of a night ;)”

The Foxtails is a welcome reminder to enjoy yourself. It’s very easy to forget how to enjoy little things or the sheer fact you’re alive for another day, so it’s time to celebrate it with a little dance!
Or a crazy jump, as shown below. :’)

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