5 Minuten Liebe “Content”

5 Minuten Lieben‘s new high-energy, exuberant single ‘Content’ contains a darker, deep philosophical and social question beyond its bright aura and catchy hook.

A three member band, 5 Minuten Lieben is a German group formed by lead singer and keys player Ruben Dietze, drummer Elias Kunz, and bassist Dominik Mostert. Alongside their producer Helge Preuss (Lewis Capaldi, Silbermond, Max Prosa, etc.), 5 Minuten Liebe have achieved a sound that perfectly encapsulates the fragile and rapid current times. 

Their unique sound, which one can only begin to describe as buoyant — a sort of mystic that manages to stay casual and easy to digest, paired with thought-provoking lyrics that turn the German (and slowly, the international) scene upside down, is downright the ideal fit for the band’s playful way of  dealing with the dichotomy that the men feel as analog people in a digital world.

Their latest release, Content, dives deep into the media we’re surrounded by and that overwhelms every screen we come across. 

The idea of such a song came to Dietze when, while reading the ideas George Orwell stated in his book 1984, realized many of them came true. It was then that he showed his bandmates and roommates the idea for the project, and Kunz and Mostert were immediately hooked by this concept they also agreed with. 

The group even gave a brief song description: “‘Please like, share, subscribe and hit that notification bell!’ Everybody knows it. The eternal cry for recognition and new followers on social media. The single pokes fun at this ongoing struggle for attention. The whole thing is wrapped in a damn driving groove that sweetens our summer. Joshua Lange  (Sarah Connor, Rosenstolz, etc.) produced the whole thing.”

As the beginning of their quote is also referenced in the first seconds of the song, it could not be any clearer to listeners how the song is a critique of the addiction to social media and the validation obtained from having a highly appreciated and followed presence in it. People’s love for connecting through the digital world is always edging on the side of being harmful and addictive, and without making an overly negative song 5 Minuten Liebe comment on the somber reality of the issue. 

The music adds a lighter and more mischievous tone to the overall song, making Content feel more akin to familiar teasing than admonishing. Beyond the feeling it gives to the lyrics, this fast and energetic groove makes the song a nice addition to a party or a mood-uplifting playlist. This way, 5 Minuten Liebe have the best of both worlds in a single track without creating a clash between the lyrics and instrumentals. 

5 Minuten Liebe will continue to explore the digital world and its culture in a never seen before manner, marking this as one of the many reasons they’re worth paying attention to.

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