Forgotten Garden- “Jessica”

“Jessica” is the latest realease from Scottish band Forgotten Garden. It is an emotional tale about a woman running away from her cruel past. With a lyrical prowess and a haunting atmosphere, Forgotten Garden presents to us a single that explores domestic abuse and trauma. It makes us reflect how trauma transforms us and if it is really possible to fully heal our mind and find inner peace after experiencing abuse.

Forgotten Garden is made up of vocalist Inês Dias Rebelo, keyboardist and string instrumentalist Danny Elliot and drummer Joe Ituano. “Jessica” was written by Danny Elliot. While the idea of someone running away from their past and wanting to start anew was the starting point of the single, Elliot felt that the theme domestic abuse should be highlighted in the song due to the rise of cases during the Covid-19 pandemic. The lyrics paint the picture of someone who was hurt in the past. We are able to understand her inner world, how exactly she feels. We understand the pain that lives inside her and her desire to make it go away.

To fully get to know her, however, we need something more. This is when the music comes in. It serves as a way of transmitting emotion of Jessica; to transmit those feelings that are difficult to express through words alone. The guitars, the synths and the drums are the emotional weight of the single. They present lingering trauma that we want to help heal, but don’t really know how. Dias’ performance is based on the idea of how hard it is to say what we feel when we are truly hurt. She sing to us as if each word she says brings back painful memories. One may not want to remember them, but by sharing them with others, they may not make the pain go away, but make it a little more bearable.

With “Jessica”, Forgotten Garden is capable of presenting this unique character and immediately make us think of someone who, unfortunately, has lived through the same experiences. Music is capable of making us realize that, however alone we may feel, there are many people that share similar traumas as us. Even though they are not identical, we realize that somewhere in this world is someone that understands us, that will be on full disposition to hear us out. It will be hard, but we are never alone.

In their own words: “New listeners should expect sad haunting songs with hooky synth lines! We try to include meaningful lyrics that look at topics from a different angle. We are often compared to the Cure the most obvious difference is we have a female vocalist!”

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