Mary Bleeds explore themes of patriarchalism, misogyny and religious brain wash

If you want intense, impassioned and fervent music – then this debut album is a must for you. If you want dark, deep, opaque and discordant lyrical matter – then this is a new artist you will want to explore deeply. If you’re looking for an amazing new band to hear live and ardently follow – then become a devotee of the exciting, challenging and mysterious Mary Bleeds.

You can find this track on Playlist Sickest & Dopest and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

At times harmonious, at other times dissonant, occasionally channeling the sadly-departed genius of Ian Curtis – this 35 minute lp will …

a) make you want to listen to it again straight away
b) make you really eager to listen to it louder – to listen to it on your best sound system!
c) intrigue and perplex – you will want to delve deeper into the lyrics and subject matter
and d) leave you desperate to see this band live!

My personal feel, based on the atmosphere and emotion this album creates – is that this band are meant to be heard live and this is where they will really showcase what they are capable of and what they have concocted. I fully expect them to be brooding, fierce and potent live, stirring up a fervor among their crowds that would, in no time at all – create something quite occult-like.

You can find this track on Playlist Debut Bands (Off The Radar) and Alterindie State Of Mind

Not that the band haven’t managed to capture any of this on record – because they have! You can feel the energy of the band on this record and the dirty production accentuates the shades and tones the instrumentalists have crafted. The vocalist is vehement about everything that leaves his mouth – sometimes he’s hard to decipher, at other times he races through his words – but you are never left in any doubt at all that he definitely means what he is saying.

Not afraid to throw in expletives for effect and certainly not shy of tackling controversial and divisive subject matter, Mary Bleeds have forged a new alternative post-punk sound of their own – and it’s one that demands your attention.

A very limited run of 300 copies pressed on 180g black vinyl is available to pre-order via their official website

Officially formed in 2019 in Dublin, Ireland – Mary Bleeds is vocalist Guilherme, guitarist Paulo Abdalla, bass player Leticia Ledoux and drummer Binzer Brennan. The members of Mary Bleeds are all multi talented artists. The band created much of their own visual aesthetic themselves, from artwork to video editing. Additional collaborators include photographers Jean-Philippe Hofmann, Ewa Pypno and Michelle Maros. Together with the band, they have created a fitting air of mystery around the enigmatic Mary Bleeds.

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