Cindy-Louise “Femme Fatale”

As a fellow woman, the problems ladies endure are not foreign to me. It is important to not forget what strengths we carry within, and with this in mind, I’m glad to introduce a great artist and her single that’s touching these very topics in an own glass-breaking way. Read on to learn more about Cindy-Louise and her newest song!

Singing has been a core part of Cindy-Louise for most of her life. In 2019 she decided to put her skills and passion to play by starting her professional artist career, and she has been releasing music as a singer-songwriter ever since. Being classically trained and owning a pretty darn powerful voice gives her the ability to create captivating music with moods ranging from walking on the edge of the forest like a black panther to emotional airy piano-driven ballads. Influenced by many of the most successful female artists of this decade, Cindy-Louise takes the inspirations and themes coming from what’s important in her heart and spins them up into soul-touching music, not unlike something you would expect to hear coming from velvet-dressed lady standing tall on a grand stage.

Cindy-Louise’s singing powers have already produced a slew of singles and even a full-length album titled “Humanity”. Today it’s time to talk about her newest release.

Titled “Femme Fatale“, the newest single seems to be offering a powerful and deadly feminine vibe by looking at the song name alone. And sure, the moment you hit play, blood red, seductive and very much lethal atmosphere sets in from the first moments. Slow yet smashing beat walking through the dark echoing space like a beautiful spy woman from a Bond movie, and her lush voice speaking a warning to all those attracted: “Never trust a woman like me!”

Thematically, it’s a song about societal hardships women endure a lot – misunderstanding and oftentimes even ignoring women is sadly pretty common in too many cases. “Femme Fatale” smashes these issues and offers help at recognizing the inner power in a woman. At the same time, it’s a warning for men to take the ladies seriously – as an equal person.

“I am a singer-songwriter, therefore I write my own music (including the lyrics) that is why my music is so personal to me and always has an inspiring and relatable backstory. In the case of FEMME FATALE I wanted to write a song that spoke about the injustices many woman face. This is a song to uplift woman, to say, “don’t let society get you down, and keep going”. Overcome and be empowered, be a powerful woman, be a boss, like I know you are. The chorus line is the best for me, “you should have known better the to trust a woman like me”. This is 100% the telling of don’t underestimate me and what I am capable of. All these characteristics that some men may think are our downfalls are the strengths we use to gain power and rise to the top.

The song itself is written in a R&B style with hints of dark pop, a smooth melody line and catchy chorus. The vocals are mesmerizing and showcase a beautiful Vibrato that makes the music that much more unique. The thing that makes me unique as an artist is not only my vocal ability but my social personality, always busy with projects and interacting with fans. I cannot wait to sing live again, because that is where I myself and my music shines the most.”

There is no doubt in that – Cindy-Louise has a lot of power in her music and it’s most likely guaranteed to blow you away, especially in live setting!

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