Los Angeles, California based duo of producers, Skycabin release an hypnotic dark pop that will sweeten your senses, both musically and visually. Listen now to “Help Me“.

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night, my fellow readers from around the globe! Today we have a very special single from our USA friends and producers, Skycabin. A mix of dark, electronic pop with vibrant vocals and heavy bass tones.

This single marks their 5th release and it comes with a very avant-garde music video that’ll positively haunt your dreams. Created by artists Farbod and Sepand, Skycabin aims at taking over the dark pop scene with a trip-hop twist. Sublime!

We always wanted to do a song about real vulnerability like some sort of a confession.” – Skycabin

Many people in real life act stoic and super independent without any need for help but truth is that deep inside we are all yearning to be help out, we just never want to admit it. The song went through multiple versions with different tempos and song structure until it reached a point where both of us were happy with it.

The video visualizes duality of the independent and carefree front we put versus the hell we are actually living in inside our heads.” – Skycabin

Decided not to box themselves into a genre, the duo of producers want their listeners to expect anything from their music:

Both of us listen to variety of music and if you listen to any of our playlists you can hear anything from Mosdef to Queens of the Stone age“, says the duo. So, we can expect different tracks with different moods at any point in time. “The consistency comes from the fact that whatever we make is authentically what we both like and have a deep connection with.” – Skycabin.

“Help Me”s sound design is on point, refined and explorative. It makes sense that the music video feels the same as well. If this is the first time you encounter with this artists, you will be immediately hooked, I promise you that!

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