Music for the soul, a calming presence and a real allure.

Gaining inspiration from artists such as Feist, Sara Bareilles and Vance Joy,
Alanna writes authentically – creating music many can connect and relate to
The single is very much a letter to my younger self. I’ve been an over-thinker my whole life and if I could go back and teach myself anything – it would be to take a breath and not burn myself out thinking about things I cannot change

Most days, I like to ease into my day slowly – and I love music to accompany me in doing so. As the sun starts to rise and the day starts to warm and unfurl, I regularly turn to certain artists to soundtrack the beginning of my new day. It’s an arousal of the senses and a real mood and tone-setter – the smell of freshly-brewed coffee permeates the air and a relatable voice gently guides me through the inception of the day.

On these less-hurried, calmer days – I always revert to the artists I know and love – their music is real nourishment for my soul. It could be Beth Orton or Gemma Hayes… Laura Marling or Lana Del Rey… PJ Harvey or Beth Gibbons… Hope Sandoval or Natasha Khan…

Based on the evidence of Alanna Matty’s latest single, ‘Little Dreamer’ – there may well be a new artist that appears as a potential daybreaker for me – a new female singer/songwriter who gives me peace of mind and comforting reassurance at the dawn of a new day.

Alanna’s songs tell stories of love, life and are often about just trying to figure out how to exist as a human.

“I tend to use music to pick through dilemmas in my brain and process my emotions
and hopefully my songs can help you do that as well”

Alanna Matty is a Canadian singer/songwriter who intertwines a nostalgic folk style with soul and blues vocals. Her lyrics reveal an intimate portrait of both her personal and emotional struggles. Creating a sensation like watching an autumn sunset or the last embers burn on a campfire in the summer.

‘Little Dreamer’ is incredibly airy and light… it makes you a little woozy but it also makes you feel good. Alanna’s voice is calming and reassuring, thoughtful and provocative – but positive. Her music is delicate and gentle, like a refreshing breeze. The song is welcoming, warm and intimate – Alanna’s thoughts and words are cathartic for both singer and listener. Her voice and her music definitely recall early Daughter, later Lana and with certain enunciations or guitar sounds, Laura Marling and Lucy Rose.

This is definitely a song I will be returning to regularly for the next few weeks and months – and I am very eager to hear a full-length album by Alanna now. Take my advice, treat yourself to some good morning coffee – Gevalia would be my preference – and let Alanna set the mood for your day. “Ignore the stories that you tell yourself in your head” – it really is going to be a good day – it’s fine to be a ‘Little Dreamer’.

Alanna currently plays to over 8,000 people worldwide through her Twitch account

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