Ferrier “As It Goes”

Ferrier hides his post-breakup wallowing and regret behind the modern, alt-pop sound that won’t leave your find in his new track, ‘As It Goes’

As the bedroom project of singer-songwriter and producer Iain Alexander, Ferrier is a one-man show, providing vocals and being his own bassist, guitarist, drummer, as well as being a sample artist too. With that brief description, one can begin to understand the love for music this twenty-three year-old London based artist has. 

Ferrier’s DIY work ethic is one of his main drawing points, showing listeners how dedicated he can be, and his efforts are reflected in his work as he tries to demonstrate how good music is not required to come from an expensive studio by using his talent and laptop to create art. Writing songs he’d played on his acoustic guitar since age sixteen, Alexander’s humble beginnings eventually led him to making up his mind and how to produce and arrange songs, something he quickly applied on the drafts in his Notes app as he put a stop to their six year-long slumber. 

Being inspired by artists who are also self-produced (mainly in regards of sound, lyrics, and image), stating the likes of Dominic Fike,  Jack Antanoff, The 1975, and James Murphy as examples, Ferrier is a creative who takes pride in his eclectic modern indie sound that occasionally brings pop elements into the formula. His music tells vivid tales, keeping his stories realistic while emphasizing the emotions they cause and the details that have a great impact on him.

As It Goes is Ferrier’s most recent single and a submerssive experience that drowns the listener in the sea of ecstasy. 

It is commonly known that for there to be a rainbow, there will be heavy rain. As It Goes takes place during the first drops of water and the hardest part of the storm, when the clouds completely take over the sky and seem to directly follow you no matter where you’re headed to. Presenting an overwhelming blend of regret, anger, and sadness that bring forth the worst part of our subconscious, the track is not the first to do this, but it is one of the most successful attempts of hitting the listener with those strong emotions only a betrayal or the end of a relationship can bring.

What Ferrier is the first in is being the only artist to describe his song to Less Than 1,000 Followers by talking about what it isn’t. The emphasis on what the song doesn’t represent gives our readers a better grasp on the meaning of the song that any other description could. 

“It’s not about being able to move on from a relationship, particularly when it ends badly, and coming to terms with your own ego and mistakes. It’s written as a moment of realization where each line is structured like the monologue you run in your head when you think about what you did wrong then instantly jumping to the hurt born of what they did wrong. It’s not about feeling comfortable with the regrets and decisions you made.”

Created in a world that simultaneously destigmatizes mental illnesses and validates expressing sadness while it constantly promotes positive emotions and continues to frown upon constant attention being brought to negative feelings, As It Goes falls in a comfortable middle ground. The track can be something to cheer you up during a gloomy day, or the one thing that allows you to express your anger over a relationship gone wrong. 

Ferrier expressed how he wanted As It Goes to be “a breakup song that sounds like you’re falling in love”, and the song is able to give you both and either of those experiences, bending itself to the listeners’ needs and desires while staying authentic to its origin. That is what makes it stand out above other breakup songs, proving for the third time how the multi-talented Ferrier’s music are not lucky shots, but true and meaningful paintings born from his hard work.

To people who are struggling to find themselves or express how they feel, Ferrier will share their fear and present them with the needed reassurance that it’s okay to take your time and experience different things in the meantime. As he ponders on what it means to be a “nobody” on a planet of “somebodys”, he himself has become somebody for those who give his music a chance.

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