Diver- “Flame”

Today’s featured single comes from Sydney based indie rock band Diver. “Flame” is a heavy rock track that delves in themes of love and lust without losing the energetic sound that the band is known for. It is a song that pumps us with energy while retaining a sensitive core.

“Flame” is the third single released by Diver after their previous work “Seabreeze Motel” and “Sober”. It was recorded at A-Sharp Studios at Sydney, Australia. The track’s birth had its basis in a bass lick from which the band decided to built upon. Soon, the band reached a creative speed that allowed the ideas to flow from their heads directly to their own instruments easily.

The track starts with a bass riff that immediately sets the mood for what will follow. Little by little, each instrument contributes on creating a harsh sound whose potential fully explodes when meshed together. It is a sound, that while grungy at first glance, has an inner sweetness. The dark guitars, drums and bass contrast well enough with the lighter-yet-crunchy vocals and synths. While the first ones are in charge of building tension, the vocals and synths are in charge of releasing it: the buildup of energy that will reach its peak at the breakdown in the chorus, during which vocalists Ruston Taylor’s voice shows its range and melodic potential. The synths are what separate the track from other that may seem similar. In certain parts of the track they are heard at the foreground of all the other instruments. As it is the case of the guitars in the solo, the drums in the bridge and the bass at the introduction, they are given an opportunity to take the lead role in the track.

The rough/sweet contradiction does not only occur in the musical level, however. The lyrics of the track are surprisingly emotional and metaphorical compared to those typically associated with other tracks with similar sound. This vulnerability mixed with a heavy sound creates a very interesting dynamic between what we hear, what is being said and how it is being said. The vocals energy and the dark athmosphere take another meaning when we pay atention to the lyrics.

“Flame” shows how lyrics and music can interact in unexpected, fun ways. While heavy at its surface, Diver is not afraid to show their inner, sweet core. It is exactly this sort of approach to their sound that gives its unique personality and leaves us wanting more.

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