Alex Lievanos “Never Gonna Lose Your Love”

Love is one of the most beautiful and challenging feelings. The challenges have increased tenfold with the lockdowns leaving people stuck in their lonesome state. Finding out the person you loved is not the right one for you will hit especially hard in such times. But don’t fret – the artist I’m about to introduce knows how it feels and offers his newest single, a healing story on love!

This Californian artist is Alex Lievanos, a multi-instrumentalist songwriter born and living in San Diego. His music walks the airy line of indie pop intermixed with ethereal, almost cosmic elements, warm chords and influences from a variety of genres – for instance there’s a wonderful rap verse by Pyramind in a track called Cold-hearted. His lyrics are influenced by life in itself, but high attention is on the endless world of feelings in all its complex and layered fashion. Especially fascinated with the elusive nature of love, Lievanos has poured his experiences, thoughts and wishes around this feeling into his songs. Gentle and pleasantly clean voice telling stories through the artist’s uniquely bright and spacious prism displaying love in all its damned and beautiful glory.

Alex Lievanos has been blessed by meeting Charlie Puth, one of his musical inspirations, who also ended up teaching him online during lockdown. He also crossed paths with Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, who became a fan of Lievanos’ hat. At this point I would love to see that hat myself too!

Today, Lievanos is ready to release his newest single – a song-shaped story called “Never Gonna Lose Your Love“. Built up by warm vibrant synth chords and slightly wooden percussion, the song carries an unmatched amount of soft light feelings enhanced by echoing guitar chords and the singer’s smooth vocals. As the guitar becomes more and more celebrating and the vocals soar and glide effortlessly like a butterfly, it’s apparent this song carries a happy ending of the most welcome kind.

The song is about two long time close friends who just got out of a toxic relationship. They decide to go on a date and it turns out they have a lot more in common. The two eventually become a couple. This chill summer ballad is a rendition of what I went through myself, and I wanted to release it for anyone going through that same feeling.

In addition to today’s warm breeze of a single, Alex Lievanos has more exciting news to share with us (hint – it’s more music!):

Currently, I’m working on my second album, which I hope to finish by next year. This song is the first single off that album and the theme will revolve around the experience of loneliness and heartbreak amid a pandemic. The past year has been extremely difficult for everyone, and I’ve had a lot of friends end long-term relationships, break off engagements, etc. I hope this album can at least bring some kind of solace when experiencing that loneliness.”

That’ll be most welcome ray of hope in these times of anxiety and social distance. Considering what I’ve heard today, “Exciting!” is quite possibly a bit of an understatement!

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