JAMO – “Late Nights”

UK artist JAMO presents 5 track EP “Late Nights”, a beautiful collection of EDM/Pop music crafted while everyone was sleeping.

Welcome back! Fellow music enthusiasts! Today, JAMO delights us with a 5 track EP that will probably set this singer-songwriter on the top of your playlists. “Late Nights” is filled with vibrant and uplifting themes perfect for a night out, and even the time before bedtime.

For all of you who don’t know who JAMO is, he is an artist/ singer-songwriter from Welwyn, UK who found his passion after playing on-stage with his previous band “The 924s” and got his stage name during secondary school, when his name Jamie turned into the nickname: Jay-mo. Cool!

Drawing inspiration from R&B and rap icons like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo & Drake, JAMO mixes all these influences with his production abilities for Dance and Electronic music.

Created in lockdown, “Late Nights” is the first full EP from JAMO and he feels very proud about it. And he should!

So during lockdown at the start of the year I created a really nice chord progression that I loved. I developed it further into a song structure where I was inspired to write and record an amazing guitar riff. Listening back to this instrumental late at night lines of lyrics started to come into my head out of nowhere, “I’m addicted to the late night” really stuck with me. After some further writing and development I ended up with a song called Late Night, which was written all about the good vibes and positive energies I feel at night. It was a colourful and energetic display in the most honest vibe possible. Late Night inspired me to start working on my first multi-track project. The majority of the production and writing took place when it was late at night, and that is where project earned it’s name ‘Late Nights EP’ as this is when all the magic happened.” – JAMO

In track No. 1, “Dream Girl”, JAMO presents the initial taste of what’s to come. A modern 80s tune inspired by JAMO’s own dream girl. Catchy, modern-retro with very uplifting vibes that washes the stress away.

Track 2 carries the EP’s title, “Late Night”. This was JAMO’s first single release back in June, and it is a guitar driven anthem that continues to throw positivism and good vibes when the sun goes down. “JAMO describes how he “feels better in the late night” and how all of life’s issues seem to fade away in the late night.

“Clockwork” is an interlude of softly played keys, vocal harmonies and sweet lyrics. A lullaby to rest your head to and forget about everything else. Although is pretty short, I bet you’ll want to hear it again and again!

Track 4 “What’s Real” is probably my favorite track. A song that question’s reality that pulls you into its rich deep vibes. Slow tempo, hypnotic beat and well-thought lyrics.

We finish this late night drive with track 5, “Afterlife”, the most emotional track of the EP that mourns our loved ones that parted too soon. A proper departure for this magic-filled EP.

I think it’s a very special project and am very proud of the final result; my fans are going to go crazy.” – JAMO

I bet they will! Congratulations to JAMO for such a nice EP, we can see nothing but greatness for this talented artist/producer.

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