Kinetix “Off My Head”

With the electro-breakdown driven pop track ‘Off My Head’, the sibling-formed band Kinetix is back for the third time this year, bringing a new twist to their trademark sound.

A trio from Co. Offaly, Ireland who’ve created their unique style of pop that takes elements from several genres and influences. With their musical beginnings being traditional Irish sounds that rely on the use of instruments such as banjo, fiddle, and button accordion, the group delved into the scene and experienced success among that crowd, but by the time 2017 had arrived, the siblings left their previous projects and began to work on what is now known as Kinetix, which came to life in 2019. 

Made up by drummer Arthur, keys and snyths Ademar, and the vocalist Theodore, the three Stones brothers continue their music career as the band Kinetix, an electro-pop trio who excels at using EDM elements while keeping their music laid-back and more on the pop side. 

The three of them put their heads together to collaborate in every step of the creative process, going from writing, producing and recording (all done in their home studio in Offaly). By merging their ideas and individual talents, the pop band has continued to enjoy success in their new scene too. 

Off My Head, released this Friday, July 30th, represents Kinetix’s “undying belief in oneself and what that belief can help you become,” as Arthur has shared.

The track is perhaps the trio’s most dynamic song to date, presenting a strong contrast between the heartfelt, emotion-heavy lyrics and the energetic and constant electro-breakdowns found in the melody. Containing a creative production and a driving beat, the liveliness of the rhythm heavily contrasts heartfelt verses with energetic electro-breakdowns. 

Following a relaxed pace similar to their previous single, White Oil, Off My Head‘s electro-breakdowns comes a pleasant surprise that, while distinguishable from the rest of the melody, is not too intense nor does it break the easy pace the song holds since its very beginning. As an ode to becoming comfortable in one’s skin, the peace found in the chorus is akin to the moment one comes to terms with who they are, while the beat drops represent the new colorful perspective gained once you stop fearing the world and feel the strength to achieve all your dreams.

With softer tunes that manage to stay energetic while creating a comfortable ambient, Kinetix is like a sky in hues of blue and purple while their discography are the clouds one can rest on, where you’ll be overcome by unforgettable sensations that are never too overwhelming or tiring, making their songs a great choice to listen to over and over again. 

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