NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Thursday 29th July 2021

A wacky but thoroughly enjoyable concoction!

The first single from the upcoming 3 track EP ‘Songs Of Interest’, out digitally 11th August on Full Power Records

“Are they Funk? Are they Punk? Are they Rock ‘n’ Roll? They’re Lend me the Twelve. Many have shown concerns regarding the sacred doctrine that Lend me the Twelve are spreading, but let me assure you, this is far from controversial. Lend me the Twelve are merely an ‘alternative to reality’ and can be enjoyed on a day to day basis without the need for any significant change in lifestyle. Try them for yourself! There’s enough Twelve for the whole family to enjoy!”

Acting as the entry point into LMT12’s weird and wonderful world, ‘Devil’s Avocado’
is an energetic samba-punk track that is sure to make you ask for more! 

‘Lend me the Twelve’ have attempted to create one of the most diverse, genre-hopping, uncategorizable, weird and wonderful 3 minutes of music known to humankind!

Now, let’s face it – this has been attempted many times before – there’s a lot of weird and wacky music out there. Some of it works and some of it doesn’t. There’s something very important to remember when attempting to be different and when you bring this sort of musical eccentricity to the table. It has to cross over to the listener, to the audience – it has to be processable, digestible – and most critically of all, enjoyable.

A lot of unconventional and/or outlandish music doesn’t tick that box for me.

This song does. It works. It’s madcap and it’s quirky and it’s an intoxicating cocktail. But it’s fun, its enjoyable, it takes you on a high-octane ride and it puts a smile on your face.

There are a real variety of instruments and sounds found on ‘Devil’s Avocado’. It’s actually hard to believe that 3 guys created this – it sounds like a band with more members than Arcade Fire frenetically passing instruments around and hopping around a stage/studio like hyperactive frogs! We get some frenetic guitar, some slappy Flea-like bass, some strings, a soft atmospheric break, some heaviness and some funk and who knows what else is hidden in there?! Somewhat amazingly, it’s pretty seamless even though it travels through a glossary of genres with consummate ease.

Maybe Beck, Calexico, Django Django, Gomez and The Shins were thrown into a blender with some stardust and ‘Lend me the Twelve’ was the end result. What we have here is a band brimming with ideas and purpose – but they also have the aptitude to produce a finished article that is enjoyable, engaging and palatable. Devil’s Avocado was a real treat of an appetizer – now I’m ready for the main course Lend me the Twelve.

Lend me the Twelve is made up of members Sam ‘Kaiza Kushington’ Pappon,
‘St James’ McGuinness, and Callum ‘The Hyde’ Stephens

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