Pacif K, JAMO, Maziac, And More…

July 30, 2021.

Week 30 2021 Hi y’all here I’m with another round of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to released all of them recently (if you want you can take a look to our previous week here).

1.- Pacific K Light Variations EP In Kristaps own words “This EP is basically me re-discovering joy in music. It has always been my passion, but I guess I got lost for a little while… I often refer to my songs as being meditative. Whether is a quiet and intimate story of profound love or an overdrive guitar riff that breathes energy, or a groovy, African-inspired rhythm, I always try to bring those depths and inspiration to the listeners.” You can read our review here.

2.- JAMO Late Nights EP In Jamie Kempster aka JAMO words: “The majority of the production and writing took place when it was late at night, and that is where project earned it’s name ‘Late Nights EP’ as this is when all the magic happened” You can read our review here.

3.- Maziac  Permutations is the product of these months and takes the band in various exciting new directions. It features some of their heaviest moments to date, as well as some of their tenderest (including guest vocals from local Evanescence cover band singer Veronica De Luca). ‘Permutations’ is also more experimental and represents a true evolution of their sound!

4- Mosa Ruminations & Adaptations is a 10-track collection of songs that have been being produced from inception to master over the last several years. MOSA’s songs are travelogues of what it is to be human, from experiences, feelings and observations. The album circles themes such as love, desire, despair, passion, embracing negativity, absence, time, arrivals, departures, hesitance, grey areas and dualities.

5.- Mara Measor Don’t Tell My Child In her own words: “Don’t Tell My Child is the album I wish I had to listen to as I was walking through every heartache over the past few years.” Is composed of 10 tracks capturing the growing pains that come with Measor’s new identities.

6.- Mihi Nihil  Self-titled debut album Casually, through years of friendship and free-flow sessions the group calls “Whiskey Rehearsals,” MIHI NIHIL was realized, and the anatomy of their debut album was built. The band quickly understood how perfect this imperfect pairing of three alternative musicians and a classical singer would be. You can keep reading our review here

7.- Glitched Chaos World, Pt 3 (Nothing Is Enough) This last EP is influenced in particular by 90s alternative rock (in particular Nine Inch Nails, Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana), to recent progressive metal (Periphery) through early naughties alternative pop/rock (Kinch) and Japanese garage punk (Thee Michelle Gun Elephant).

8.- Mallbangs Pull Me Out  debut release from atlanta based artist mallbangs. featuring production from daniel gleason of grouplove, and contributions from benjamin homola (grouplove, bad books), marshall vore (phoebe bridgers), and grace rapasky (lunar vacation).

9.- The Petty Saints Long Way Home  “The debut album from the rock and roll band pulls iconic influence from all time periods of rock and roll. Being their first album, this instant classic hits as if they’ve been writing albums for decades”.

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this bands streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Female Rising Stars, Indie Only, and Alterindie State of Mind.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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