Violet Temples “Enemy”

Violet Temples steps away from his mid-tempo sound, proving his abilities as producer with the upbeat and groovy ‘Enemy’.

A project created by the twenty-three year-old creative Justin Venrick. The Sugar Grove, Ohio-based singer-songwriter and producer is still a student at Ohio University, but his creative juices definitely have not taken a break, as he’s been releasing compelling and catchy songs since last year and has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

After the release of his debut EP, Polaris — a small compilation that contained mostly dark synth-pop tones and a slow to mid tempo, at the beginning of the year, artist Violet Temples decided that it’s time to showcase more of his abilities. 

That is where Enemy, a step in a different direction, comes in. Maintaining the essence Violet Temples places in all of his works, the song is a complete new side of the artist, presenting a still realistic topic in the lyrics but now accompanied by an infectious and danceable sound that can set the mood to groove your negativity away.

Violet Temples gives a deeper insight on the lyrics, opening up about the dichotomy he’s been struggling with. He said: Enemy was written as a result of me being fed up with my own destructive tendencies; laziness, a lack of self-discipline, self-sabotage. I was able to recognize my potential and come up with great ideas, yet I had no follow through. This song is literally me intervening with myself like, “Hey, you are getting nowhere in life, pull yourself together”.”

In a way, the theme of the lyrics can be found in the song as a whole and not just in the words. The drastic but fitting contradiction between the melody and the lyrics works in the same way the urge to maintain discipline (representing the seriousness of the lyrics) fights against the classic habit of screwing things up for ourselves — as in, the freedom found in the rhythm, urging the listener to let go without paying too much attention to what’s being said. Of course, the topic at hand goes way deeper than that, but it is an oddly fascinating achievement of Violet Temples, and a definite example of his skills as a producer.

With this blend of modern pop and his own twist on disco elements, inspired by Carly Rae Jepson’s own attempts, Violet Temples goes above and beyond the original intention of the song, finally leaving audiences with a track that can either be something they identify with or a song that lets them dance off those same thoughts. As long as you’re ready to have fun or snap out of an emotional dump, Violet Temples and Enemy are guaranteed to work as a serotonin-booster with a hundred percent success rate.

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