Aniqa Dear – ” Boundaries”

Welcome, welcome, my fellow melomaniacs and readers from around the globe. It’s a pleasure to have you back again in this humble blog and today, oh, today we will start August with a very exquisite plate. It isn’t pop, but it will fit your pop tastes; it isn’t strictly experimental, but it will fit all of your weird tastes. Experimental pop from Toronto Canada, by the weird and beautiful minds of Aniqa Dear. Listen right now to “boundaries“.

Aniqa Dear is a duo comprised of singer-songwriter Aniqa Qadir and multi-instrumentalist producer James Atin-Godden. Both have been making music together for ten years and they began their first collaboration in the 13-piece multi-genre band “Copycat”, which played The Opera House amongst other career highlights.

Although Aniqa Dear finds inspiration on acts such as Hundred Waters, St Vincent, Tuneyards, Son Lux, they aren’t trying to sound like anyone else but themselves. And let me tell you, with all sincerity, I’ve never heard music like theirs before. Speaking specifically as today’s single, “Boundaires” feels as if the worlds of The Phantom of The Opera and Alice in Wonderland collided into each other, with all things chaotic, magical and strange blent into a single piece of art.

A brilliant production with the most noble vocals. Little bits arranged into each other to form a chamaleonic experience where A and B are never alike. Twisted, expanding and seamless, the song carries you away into a soft dream where nightmares and daydreams dwell together in harmony. A true Utopia, where balance is king.

In terms of the duo itself:

“Boundaries” is all about the fear of letting yourself out. Stepping out of yourself on eggshells. If you share the bits and pieces of yourself, do you lose them? Are they something new because they are now a part of someone else too? Is the person you present different from who you perceive you are? Do you have to compromise who you are to feel safe in the world?

“Boundaries” details what it’s like to feel like you have to protect yourself fiercely from everything outside of you, but the loneliness–the abject fear of it–breaks down and changes who you were. And eventually, freeing yourself becomes the only option.” – Aniqa Dear

Isn’t that lovely? So many questions, so much to discover. About the world, about ourselves.

This is Aniqa Dear’s second single off their upcoming full-length album. Like the rest of the record, it was recorded entirely in their home studio: Blanketfort Studios. It took 3 years to be recorded.

Both of us are pretty weird, and our music reflects that. Many styles of music have been blended up in our subconscious to get to this point, but there’s no particular influence or sound that we were trying to emulate with these tracks, it’s just our weird instincts.” – AD

The duo plans to make an entire video album of their record in Europe next summer. The also had a film team in Toronto make a video album of their first album , which you can find in Youtube.

Well lads, I hope you enjoy today’s single as much as I did, and remember, stay safe and do come back.

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