Constellation Prize “Chase That High”

The summer is not over yet, so if you haven’t found that Perfect Summer Anthem, don’t fret as there’s still time. And I do have a wonderful contender for that title, a single just freshly released that has all it needs to be the song of summer. So, read on to learn more about this song and the artist!

Today’s artist is a powerful duo consisting of Stephie Chapman and Rich Stephenson. They live in opposite sides of their country, the UK, but with the power of Internet they came to know each other in 2019. Bonding over their mutual love for wicked basslines and electronica, they initially planned to get together every now and then to work on their project – Constellation Prize. But when the world suddenly spiralled into lockdowns and madness in the hands of germs, they didn’t lose hope. Quite the contrary – Constellation Prize is a rising star of two like-minded people working remotely together.

The two-headed project runs a smooth and atmospheric electronic pop. Stephie’s mellow vocals blend wonderfully with the pure nature of synths, and the result is refreshingly diverse. The bopping mood of “Loving You (Is a Losing Game)” and ethereal and festive sound of “Kaleidoscopes” are just the first taste of what the duo has to offer, and just recently they have released something new!

Described by the creators as a “4-on-the-floor electropop summer anthem”, their newest single is “Chase That High“, and oh yes it lives up to its name. Beginning with a strong vibrating synth, the song quickly builds up to own an insane amount of energy between the snappy drums and the singer’s cheerful vocals. Ethereal bits and charming layered synths give the song a celebratory vibe – summer’s here, time to chase that feeling. The melodies feel both futuristic, yet at the same time they bring back the warm flavor of past summer days, but whatever may be the case, this song does feel like a perfect summer anthem.

The single comes along with its instrumental version for people who love great music, but need lyricless version. Wonderful production shines through and through in this well-crafted tune, although once you get to hear her sweet vocals that offer so much extra spark, you can’t help but imagine her voice along the instrumentals.

This head-bopping single promises to be the perfect song to soundtrack your new soon-to-be summer memories. And not only summer, the duo’s discography is full of great tunes so there is something for every occasion!

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