The Magic Epic – “Summer”

This song perfectly conveys those perfect summer nights and days lives besides our dearest friends. “Summer” by The Magic Epic is a must listen.

Welcome back, my dearest readers! It is the 2nd of August and for today we have a very special single to continue to enjoy our Summer days! Brought to us by British singer/songwriter The Magic Epic, who we previously covered last January with his single “Sally“, “Summer” is a vibrant and emotional song born from the good times the artist spent in Brighton with his new found friends.

“It’s about the Summer of 2013, which was a scorcher and where I met the people I know here now after moving to Brighton in 2011 from London.

We had the summer of our lives and it was always the bench mark to have as good times that , when all of the stars aligned, from beach fires and acoustic guitar singalongs , to full scales epic nights in the clubs.” – TME

What starts as an acoustic song, with Leonard Cohenish vibes, the song suddenly makes its way into a full band composition! I’ve gotta say, I was amazed, I thought this would be a simple acoustic song. Bless my ears when the guitars and drums came in! Totally unexpected, totally welcomed.

And it does feel like a magic epic, almost six minutes long of a magical ride filled with good vibes, old memories and a tad of nostalgia. Perfect for waking up! Or settling the candlelights late at nights. This song is a 10/10 and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

“It’s about chasing the euphoria of that summer in a nut shell.” – The Magic Epic

Start (or end) your day right with “Summer” by The Magic Epic!

The Debut Albums is out later this year

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