Ellsworth “Potholes”

Planning a roadtrip and searching for songs to accompany you for that time? Well, you’re in luck because today, on the wave of brand new songs as always, I’m going to introduce a good song that’s incidentally just the right song for roadtrips. As well as any other fun activity with friends. Or if you’re on your own, this release will certainly keep you good company.

The artist of this release is Ellsworth, a Denver-based singer-songwriter who has created her own brand of airy folk sound, gentle, emotional and digging right into your soul. Her songwriting sparks with emotive and wise lyrics further enhanced by her effortless singing easily described as healing and magical. The equally magical and mature instrumentation does an excellent job at expanding the singer’s stories – the result is captivating to say the least. Her smooth and lovely voice being in a loving friendship with the variety of instruments offers for a great listening pleasure.

The artist’s backlog contains an array of singles and a self-titled full-length, which besides the skillful songwriting showcase her pretty eclectic styles, ranging from bopping bluegrass to remarkably full-bodied indie folk and the stripped down and emotionally wrecked loner folk. In other words, Ellsworth offers some of the most natural and life-influenced melodies and stories for every mood. Even her debut album alone is a whole package of many different feelings.

Today’s song, which actually saw sunlight in July 30th, is as much of a road trip tune as one could hope it be. Cleverly named “Potholes” and featuring a cover art of a woman in a car with windows down, this song brings back the essence of gravel roads and an undeniably present white cloud of dust behind the car as you’re on the way to the shore in deep countryside. The song shines with optimism, happiness and careless vibes, and one could almost feel the summer breeze and that pleasant pine forest smell.

Her masterful lyric-writing is present in this song as well, giving the song an even deeper meaning – it’s a story of a person feeling empty and needing to have a timeout. All those little joys and sensations encountered on that trip fill up the soul of the person, and as the song progresses, you can feel the light and easygoing feelings seeping into your soul as well. It’s the kind of a song that manages to make the listener feel like they’re on a camping trip deep in the warm summer, without leaving the house. Now, if you would play this whilst actually being in the middle of such a trip – happiness tenfold!

In her own words: “I wrote this song last winter on the precipice of a big transitional period in my life. I made a new friend and she told me that we as artists are required to help those that come after us, she said “we must fill the potholes in the road, so that it is a little less bumpy for the next person”, and that hit me to my core. I felt in that moment that there were too many things I needed to fix, too many problems bombarding my mental health and my sanity. I sat down with my guitar and wrote this song in 15 minutes. I have recieved loads of responses to this song saying that the melody is flat, they don’t like the production, it’s too cliche or doesn’t go anywhere, and at the end of the day I stand behind this song, because the meaning and the message is important to me and that is all that matters. I am releasing this song because I hope it helps fill someone else’s pothole”.

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