A.b. Violet- “Only Need Me”

Only Need Me” is the new single form rising singer-songwriter A.b. Violet based on Essex, in the U.K.. With echoey vocals and synths that seem to come straight from a dream, the track is an exploration of those destructive patterns that we may get used to through routine (particularly, those of relationships) and how we can escape from them.

A.b. Violet life has always been tied to music. She studied a music research degree focusing in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Education while at same time playing Indonesian percusion and singing in classical and musical theatre styles. She then changed focus from writing about music for academic purposes to writing music. A.b. Violet’s style is influenced by diverse ensembles such as London Grammar, Hotchip, Massive Attack, Annie Lennox, Caribou and general 80’s aesthetics. It is a sound based on echoes, reverbs, density and their interactions with rhythm that she wishes to expand upon in future releases.

However, there is no need to wait to take a peek of A.b. Violet’s artistic style. “Only Need Me” serves as very interesting first step in the right direction. Its conception came about when the songwriter realised that she fell into a routine during the pandemic. The track was recorded by Elliot Richardson at Highfield Studios in Essex. Its mix of synths and vocals full of reverb and echoes with clear electronic percussion make it sound otherworldy, as if we were dreaming what we hear, in a way that the track envelops the listener in themselves:

“For only need me, I felt it really did work to convey the idea of feeling ‘lost’ or ‘trapped’, like an out of touch/ dream-like state”. -A.b. Violet

While the synths are in charge of the harmonic arrangement and the construction of “Only Need Me”‘s athmosphere, the vocals and drums give the track its rhythmic potential. A.b. Violet’s vocals sing a melody based on a catchy rhythm that serves as a contrast to the dense synths, leaving as a result a mellow tune that is neither too dark nor too bright, fitting perfectly with the mood and the themes of the track.

Lyrically speaking, “Only Need Me” sings about the dangers that growing accostumed to a routine may entail. We unconsciously make a habit of patterns that are bad to our mental or physical health. For example, we may wish to stay in an unsuccessful relationship not because we want to continue it, but because we have gotten used to it and breaking it means having to deal with something unknown again. The song does not dwell in the breakup: it is a call for empowerment to break free from routine, from those negative attitudes and emotions we have to deal daily.

“Only Need Me” makes it clear that A.b. Violet has a particular sound in mind and that she is able to bring it into frution. With a dreamy athmosphere and clear, rhythmic vocals, the track leaves us with excitement of what she will achieve in the future!

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