Daniel Fin “By the Ears”

We’re glad to announce that St Gall, Switzerland-based musician and songwriter Daniel Fin has released a new single, entitled “By the Ears.”

Daniel Fin has spent two decades as the singer and guitarist of the alternative rock band The Tilts, which has strongly influenced his unique voice and songwriting style. As a solo artist, he does everything himself, including writing, playing, recording, and producing his songs; and in 2019, Fin released his first complete album, Somniloquy, whose title conveys “talking in your sleep.” Exactly what it is that he’s saying, though, no one really knows (and maybe it’s better that way). But it is this undefined something that connects many of the songs on the album, recorded using only acoustic guitar and vocals.

After releasing Somniloquy, Fin developed an altered songwriting style that is more relaxed and easy-going, which can be heard on his 2020 singles “Tent” and “Memories and Friends.” On these releases, the bass guitar has a firm place in the songs and sometimes a lone harmonica (or whatever else is lying around) joins in. What has remained unchanged, however, is Fin’s distinctive and diverse voice, with all its playful facets.

Lyrically, the themes of Fin’s music revolve around our everyday experiences, needs, fears, and desires–whether real or fictional. Wrapped in abstract lyricism, but with a more serious undertone, it is not always easy to follow a line or a thought. As Fin describes the lyrics of his music, “My songs are like a diary for me. Very personal. When I listen to them, I relive things. The beautiful as well as the unpleasant. But, every time, I experience different elements as though for the first time, often from a completely new perspective. That’s cool.

“By The Ears” is Daniel Fin’s latest single, released on July 30th 2021. It was recorded in his home studio, with Fin playing every instrument on the track. Describing the inspiration and songwriting process behind “By The Ears,” Fin writes:

Well… actually, that’s one of these songs where I can’t exactly say what it is about, haha. But honestly: I have many of these songs. I don’t understand why today every song must have a super deep mind-changing meaning – sometimes it’s just fine if it sounds and feels fine, at least I think so.

When I was writing this song, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to do something with lots of guitars (and other instruments). So basically, it was more a kind of a “project” to see what happens if you just put more and more instruments in the song. And then, well… something nice came up 🙂 but of course, that’s not something I’m gonna do again (at least not in this intensity).

And thus, also the lyrics has not “the deep” meaning as mentioned before … If I have to narrow it down to a meaning, it’s basically about not let your head hang (too long) and that after every bad episode, a good one will come up (hopefully). But really, I feel more comfortable with not having “the meaning” here 🙂

For first-time listeners, Fin writes about his musical style and approach:

Hm… what should (new) listeners expect from my music? Good question.
I think my music is somehow unorthodox (or at least I like to see it that way, haha).

And I definitely do not push myself into a genre! That’s something I’m actually a little proud of, because I think I do more than one genre (I know, it’s a little bit stupid to say this about oneself :-P) but if you listen to my other tracks (Tent / Memories And Friends / etc), maybe (I hope) you’ll agree… my personal explanation to this is simple: If I have a new idea I like, I’m just working on it and see how it ends. And if it ends good, I’ll record and produce it. And I like it to try new things (instruments, arrangements, styles, etc.)

I’m just doing music and write songs as I like and feel. Independent to what is ‘common’ today.

“By the Ears” begins with a bright acoustic guitar melody, while an accordion and subtle electric guitar notes add further to the song’s uplifting mood. The bass and drums soon join in, setting the track into a playful yet relaxed groove that complements Fin’s laidback vocals as well as the cheery acoustic- and electric guitar melodies quite nicely. Throughout “By the Ears,” the instruments accompany each other at just the right times to carry on the track’s optimistic melodies, and a gentle interlude midway through highlights Fin’s impressive acoustic guitar playing and distinctive vocals. “By the Ears” is quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting Daniel Fin’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of folk and indie music alike.

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