Peyton Marie “Miss Me Too”

As Peyton Marie steps into the alternative pop, volatile scene, she stuns friends and listeners with the moody, “love song to myself” single, ‘Miss Me Too’.

An eighteen-year-old from Iowa, Peyton Marie is a still-growing and changing singer and songwriter who’s shown an interest in music from a very young age. From piano lessons when she was five, to being part of a band for five years (where her songwriting abilities saw massive use and growth), Peyton has been involved in music for as long she can remember and for as much time as it is possible. 

This multi-instrumentalist icon has faced and defeated all obstacles on her path to success, and two years after being conceived, her EP Stranger to Myself finally had a chance to be released in summer of 2021. Now that she’s managed to share the art she has worked on for over six hundred days, Peyton desires to release something she created recently. And so, there was no choice but for the break-up anthem, Miss Me Too, to be shared with the entire world. 

Meant to be different from the tracks she wrote back when she was a sixteen-year-old, Miss Me Too is a standalone single that presents Peyton’s matureness and emotional growth, a new version of her that the old Peyton who wrote that debut EP cannot be mistaken for. Despite being the same person she’s always been, the (almost) three years distance between the writing of Stranger to Myself‘s songs and Miss Me Too create a delicate but palpable difference.  

Putting aside differences — mainly that of her previous sound compared to her newer inclinations for moody, alt-pop music, the two sides of an invaluable coin merge to show all the progress she’s made in recent years and the importance of putting your love for yourself over your love for people who will never care as much as you do.

“I wanted to write a “bad bitch” song, kind of like a more mature ‘Liar Liar,’ which is a song off my EP that I wrote when I was 16–and was actually the first real song I wrote. And now that I’m almost 19 I really wanted to show people how much I’ve matured since then. I was in a similar situation to the one I describe in the song, but it wasn’t like a relationship or breakup. I was just angry and couldn’t stand self-absorbed people who cared more about how they appeared to others than their friendships/relationships. So I came up with the line “if I were you, then I’d miss me, too.” And I actually let it sit in my notes for a while before gradually building more on and deciding to finish it. I was listening to Madison Beer’s new album around the same time along with a lot of Billie Eilish’s music, and so naturally my song has that same alt-pop, bad bitch anthem vibe.”

Indeed, Peyon’s new sound will be pleasantly familiar for fans of Billie Eilish and Madison Beer. While none of the three artists have a sound similar enough for them to be confused with each other, Peyton’s influences can be felt and traced back to the music she enjoys. Miss Me Too contains a gritty, strong and independent feel that others might associate with Eilish and the confident self she’s been showing more and more recently; on the other hand, the more pop-inclined influences in Peyton’s work could be attributed to Madison Beer’s pop sound. 

With two main alt-pop influences, both of which are women who know and voice their worth in all of their own, Peyton Marie has been able to experiment until she’s found a style that fits and brings forth the feelings she holds. In the same way today’s popular female artists have affected the young artist’s perspective and how she expresses herself via music, Peyton holds the same ability to influence other young women for the better. Although her music is made with the intention of expressing herself, this positive collateral consequence is one worthy of praise. 

Peyton Marie’s story is yet another of a young talent blooming underneath the spotlight. The changes in her ideas, perception and style are documented under everyone’s eyes, but the eighteen-year-old refuses to run away from the attention, instead showing pride in her every project. Under the tutelage of inspiring female artists and pop-punk music, this strong willed future sensation has what it takes to make a name for herself in this world. 

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