“In the past, the nightingale’s song was considered to alleviate pain and bring a gentle death
to the dying and a speedy recovery to the sick.”

Welcome back my fellow readers! Today, we bring you an exotic mix of blues, electronica and industrial rock. A 6 track EP created by Swiss producer, Philipp Eggenberger. “A Night In Gale” is an indie production described by its creator as “supa-space-fuckin-freak-blues-rock“… Nice!

Released on July 30th, 2021, the EP contains 6 innovative songs with the collaboration of three brilliant Swiss musicians. That is singer Luana Jil, St.Gallen jazz musician Dušan Prusák on the bass, and producer Rolf Bürgis (Thurgau).

Eggenberger has no care for conventional genres, this means that he takes any influence he’s got and just sets to create music as he pleases. Wether it is mellow or dark, or bright or raspy, the singer-songwriter creates music that can feel bittersweet and dark at the same time. Of course, very skillfully made.

The EP starts with “Nightingale“, a melancholic dark song with rain and thunder at the beginning that suddenly turns into a powerful rock song, only to go back to the slow, vibrant motion of the dark. Mystifying!

Set Me On Fire” presents a laid back beat with crunchy guitar licks, loosened bass and raspy vocals. Followed by the “Interlude” with Luana Jil’s vocals, this vals paced tune seems to lift up the spirits and call for lovers to reunite and don’t let go.

Backspin” seems taken out from The Little Mermaid with its xylophone synths at the beginning, only to suddenly spit out a frantic drum beat supported by a raspy bass. “Backspin is probably the funniest song on the album, the main melody with the synthesizer sounding like a xylophone with some reverb and and the drums used very selectively provide variety in the EP dominated mainly by rock and bluesy tracks. The instrumentation is very diverse on this song, sometimes you hear an overdriving Rhodes, sometimes a very wobbly bass track.” – The Bad Egg

“How Dare You” slows down the pace with dream like guitars, synth vocals and open space. The bass rumbles softly while syncopated percussions dance in the background. Softly sung, steadily played. Leonard Cohen’s vibes, anyone?

Closing the EP, “Blind Evolution” speaks softly, with noisy percussions and background pads softly swaying side to side. Suddenly, a low growling bass lurks, running and stopping, carrying the vocals away. Orquesta, synthesisers, the whole enchilada.

“A Night In Gale” is an overlapping picture from different perspectives emerges, revealing a complex and gloomy reality.

“The Bad Egg was originally intended as a solo studio project. I just wanted to do something meaningful in my spare time. When I finished the song Set Me On Fire in the summer of 2020, I was so happy about the result that I got senselessly drunk with some friends. At some point that evening I got carried away. I googled a Swiss record label, clicked on the first result, and submitted the song. A few days later, the label got back to me and finally released the first single. This was the real starting signal for the EP. I started writing new songs and looked for interesting musicians to involve in the project. That’s how it came about that 4 strangers recorded an album together without knowing each other or ever having met in person. The recordings for the EP were done at home. The first time they met in person was at the photoshoot for the EP 🙂 – Philipp Eggenberger

The EP was mastered at The Wall Studios by Sam Berdah. The artwork was created by
designer Jérôme Bizien. A limited edition of 200 exclusive vinyl discs will be released by
Diggers Factory in September 2021. Photo credits to Studio Kiba and Oliver Bartenschlager.

You can find The Bad Egg on InstagramFacebookSoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify, and check out their official website. For virtual concerts you can go to songkick “Live from their sofa to yours”.

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