NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Thursday 5th August 2021

A musically accomplished tune to soundtrack the end of summer!

Daisypicker is the second single from Birmingham based Indie Rockers, The Mood
The Mood are a four piece Indie-Rock band hailing from Birmingham, UK. A well-known name across the current scene in the city, following the success of a line of live gigs before the pandemic. The band have all been friends since school and have decided to take their passion for music more seriously in the last year

The Mood are back with their second single – and dare I say it?! – it’s perhaps even better than their first effort! It seems to be an ode to a fleeting summertime romance… it’s a song that will have real appeal to all those innocent young people out there looking for love. Beyond that, it’s an excellent sounding song – the musicianship on it is absolutely tremendous.

Daisypicker features a cracking guitar solo, fantastic colloquialisms – and it is definitely a modern-day summer anthem. It chimes along on a breezy rhythm for just 2 and a half minutes and it’s a song that needs to be played loud! Only then will you really appreciate what these 4 guys have produced. They have managed to really capture the energy of a live concert in the studio here. At times, the lead singer sounds uncannily like Damon Albarn and musically – it’s a nostalgia trip back to the halcyon days of the 90’s – but with some cracking Cure/Arctics/Libertines edginess.

The Mood have a very accessible, confident and musically accomplished sound. They have a real charm and swagger. They have also got the tunes to back it up. ‘Daisypicker’ will slide right into one of your summer play-lists perfectly – you really don’t want to miss out on this indie-banger!

“The Mood are like the lovechild of Blur and The Libertines”

More about the band and this song…

The Mood’s second single, Daisypicker, was Produced by legendary producer, Gavin Monaghan, who has previously worked with huge artists of a similar genre. Most notably Editors, The Twang, Ocean Colour Scene and The Sherlocks. Gavin and The Mood have created a multitude of
singles, with five singles set to release 8 weeks prior to one another. The Mood are definitely one to watch for those interested in discovering new, up-and-coming Indie bands, re-inventing classic sounds by adding a contemporary twist.

The Mood have really hit the ground running with their second single, delivering a high energy Indie banger. From classic guitar tones to sing-alongable lyrics, they really are set up to be an
indie summer sensation.

The Mood offer a clever narration of modern day life with an abundance of satirical undertones, accompanied with the grit of 2000s Indie-Rock and the heart of Britpop. A familiar sound re-invented for a new age.

This site’s review of The Mood’s debut single ‘Ultimate Indie Disco’ can also be found by using the below link.

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