The Violet Nines- “Who Else”

Today we are glad to recommend to you the latest single by The Violet Nines “Who Else”. After being previously featured in this blog with the track  Can We Go, the band makes a comeback with a blend dreamy pop, R&B, alt-rock and funk coined as “Groove Pop”. “Who Else” is a joyful track that explores love relationships in an ironic way.

While “Can We Go” featured Hayley Lewies (Corizone) in the lead vocals, “Who Else” was written and sung by Nick Eagon. The track is a love song that takes a familiar, somewhat cliché idea and turns it over its head:

“Knowing the lyric, “who else loves you the way I do” is all too familiar – we set out to bring new life to it via an ironic twist.” – The Violet Nines

It sings about love, but in a different approach. For “Who Else”, the ultimate proof of love is letting someone we love go. Our love for that person is so pure that we are willing to let them free. It is a testament of our trust in our own feelings and those of our partner.

“Who Else” combines the rhythm and harmonies of R&B with the vocals of alt rock and pop. In that way, The Violet Nines is able to offer to us a diverse, multilayered sound that is able to transform from one genre to another in an unnoticeable fashion: what at first appeared as pop rock becomes R&B or viceversa in a matter of seconds. The synths, drums, guitars and vocals interact with one another, leaving us with a funky flavour in our ears; a taste that makes us immediately reach out to press the replay button!

Coinciding with the track’s debut, a music video featuring the band members at a deserted beach in Oregon was released. The place’s beauty harmonizes with “Who Else” general vibe, leaving as a result a sensory experience that is pleasant to both our ears and eyes.

With its lyrical and genre complexity, The Violet Nines is able to surprise us once again with “Who Else”. If you enjoyed the track, make sure to check out our previous coverage of the band and to watch the music video of the single! Keen watchers may be able to uncover little secrets of how the video was made, so give it a try!

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