Magic Sugar Coffee- “Blkout”

Pop punk is back, at it returned in the form of Swiss duo Magic Sugar Coffee. Their latest single, “Blkout” recaptures the energy and style from early 2000’s pop punk bands such as All Time Low and The All-American Rejects while being influenced by more contemporary projects such as Machine Gun Kelly and Waterparks. In this way, Magic Sugar Coffee is able to create a sound that is sure to capture the attention of older and younger generations alike.

Magic Sugar Coffee was formed when the members Mathew Newsam and Nick Axel Kauffman met while visiting Relief Studios in Switzerland in 2019. Inspite of the pandemic, they were able to colaborate and produce singles that aim to revitalize the worldwide pop punk scene. The band started gaining numbers when their single “Dogs” was featured on idobi radio and became viral in TikTok with more than 600,000 views. Their new single, “Blkout” was written in colaboration with Joshua Howlett, local artist and Newsam’s childhood friend. It was recorded and produced at Relief Studios with Kauffman behind the console and mastered by Elliot James Mulhern. It features Newsam at the vocals, guitars and bass, Kauffman and the guitars, bass and drums and Howlett as an invited vocalist.

“Blkout” is an amalgamation of everything from 2000’s pop punk. It was written as a love letter to the 2000’s pop punk vibe. From its fast tempo and structure, to its crazy guitar riffs and relatable lyrics, “Blkout” will bring back out the highschool memories of those who grew up listening to pop punk. Newsam’s and Howlett’s vocals explode over the high drive guitar and the fast drums, as we are blasted with pure passion. But Magic Sugar Coffee does not rely on nostalgia alone: its energy assures younger listeners will be able enjoy it as well. The track successfully captures both audiences and unites them under a common anthem.

Sometimes, one may think that pop punk was a product of its time, that it has long passed its prime. However, with projects such as Magic Sugar Coffee and singles as “Blkout” we are reminded of that the genre still has unexplored territory. Pop punk is slowly but surely making a comeback and Magic Sugar Coffee has the potential to carry the flag of its new generation!

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