Michael Donoghue “Landing”

A immersive story without a narrator, a personal movie taking place in the listener’s mind and a chilled atmosphere. All of those are fitting descriptions for today’s new single. Minimal electronica by genre, this release will take you out of the daily hustle and bring into the dancehall of a cosmic club. Ready to join? Read on!

Michael Donoghue, the Jersey-based electronic music composer and producer, is back. His signature leftfield electronic sound can be described as dreamy, progressive and immersive, making his music an ideal partner for anyone seeking for chilled atmosphere. Steady beats carrying through workday, vibeful sounds to enhance the mood in relaxed times. Writing music since 2017 after being inspired to start composing during a roadtrip, his musical journey began with his musical alias Cosmosapien and seen support from various radio shows, including BBC Radio Introducing,

Donoghue’s music is noticably layered, exploring and full of little nuances, some of which stay hidden, not revealing themselves until repeated listens. His inspirations coming from his favourite genres and artists like Daft Punk and Jean Michel-Jarre are delicately and skillfully introduced to his own sonic landscapes where everything falls in place with microscopic accuracy. And he’s also fruitful – Donoghue’s discography is full of well-crafted tunes offering a great variety of moods, including his recent magical, loveful and dreamy single “Universe Eyes“.

Today, Michael Donoghue is ready to release his newest single. Titled “Landing” (second single that gives name to the upcoming album to be released on September 03), this song is one of those that naturally unfolded to reveal itself in front of the artist. Beginning with a bass-laden synth sound alternating between two notes, the mood is set for a long journey though vast spacious soundscapes supported by the strong sparkly percussion. As the journey progresses, the soundscape expands to include more synths with each carrying their own voice and emotion, adding a hint of acid into the groove. The soundscape shifts multiple times within the song – several stages of the event happening mapped out by the changing percussion and new elements. Within the grand plan, many elements are common, but each stage offers an own little story.

The overall sound, possibly influenced by the cover art, invites me to imagine extraterrestrial lifeforms and cosmic events. At the same time there’s an earthly groove running though the song, and an underlying ongoing exploration. Even if the song may at first seem simple, it’s an intricate play put together by a group of sounds where each has its own personality and importance to the events taking place. In short, it’s an intriguing listen for sure!

“The backstory behind this one is pretty minimal. I wanted to create a title track for the album, and this was the result. As with “Altitude”, my first release of this year, I made the bass line, and then built everything else around it.”

The album? Yes, Michael Donoghue is set to release an album later this year. Make sure to highlight September 3rd in your calendars – that’s when it will be out!

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