Snowfish “Chemicals”

We’re glad to announce that Newcastle, Australia-based alternative rock band Snowfish have released a new single, entitled “Chemicals.”

Snowfish are comprised of brothers Jordan, Solomon, and Kalan Rodrigues. Their music has been featured in Hysteria Magazine, Amnplify, and Temporary Dreamer; and prior to releasing “Chemicals,” they released two other great singles, 2020’s “Ghost” and “Middle Name” from earlier this year.

Their latest single, “Chemicals,” presents listeners with a moody and brooding alt-rock anthem, produced by the legendary Jack Nigro (Grove Studios). The track throws back to the golden era of emotive rock with heavy influences from Muse, Green Day and MCR, with punchy percussion, soaring lead guitar and tortured reverberating vocals.

As relevant today as it would have been in an era of studded belts and bright fringes, “Chemicals” explores modern love and relationships through a cynical lens. The track explores the idea that modern romance is devoid of any true substance, that love is, at its core a substance in itself, merely a chemical reaction to a situation.

Themselves with a natural chemistry, the band has a fluid creative process as the three brothers enter writing sessions on level ground–each having their own input into the sound to create the cohesive, flawless backing of “Chemicals.” As Jordan says about their songwriting process for the track, “I (Jordan) brought the chords and lyrics into one of our writing sessions. Solomon and Kalan developed the bass and drums to be more complex, particularly the opening drum beat was written to lock in with the guitar riff, and the song developed naturally from there.

“Chemicals” is accompanied by a great music video, which you can check out here:

Following the release of “Chemicals,” Snowfish plan to keep working with Jack at The Grove to further develop their budding sound, while still blasting out live crowd favorites at local Newcastle haunts, The Lass and The Cambridge.

“Chemicals” begins with a creatively dynamic drum rhythm, soon joined by the grooving bass and a powerful distorted guitar riff. The moody vocals join in during the track’s first verse, the driving bass and drums nicely sustaining their introspective lyrical passages; while during the choruses, the distortion returns to underscore the emotive lyrics quite well. The impressive synergy between all the instruments in “Chemicals” creates a track that is anthemic and catchy, reflecting Snowfish’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. It’s also quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.

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