Sophia Prise “Tripwire”

The club scene, rich of people searching for that spark of passion. Hookups with people that turn out to be wrong. The resulting emotional downfall. All of these have been turned into a song by a skilled electronic music producer. Serving as warning and telling an immersive story, the single has a lot of weight in it, carrying the lot with elegant ease. Not only that, it’s sparking with awesome experimental sound!

The artist is Sophia Prise, a producer and singer-songwriter who has joined forces with recording and mixing engineer David Earl. Electronic music is close to her heart – her journey began when she self-learned electronic music production back in 2011, at the time of studying at San Fransisco Conservatory. Ever since, she developed her artistry, releasing EP’s and performing in various venues. The budging artist looked into going to X-Factor as well. She was recorded, but at one point scrapped from the show for being too forward-thinking. “Too edgy”, as they put it.

Unfazed from being cut out of that, Sophia Prise continued learning and developing, creating a unique blend of floating and flowing electronica. Emotionally rich and deep sound gets expanded further by pristine and intricate production, reminding of visionary producers like Sofie Letitre. Organic in many ways, yet she walks a line of outer-space sound combined with emotions dissected and reassembled in the form of melodies.

Today, Sophia Prise comes forward with her newest single titled rather darkly “Tripwire“. The song opens its doors with an immediate vibrant metallic bell-like sound in conjunction with heavily modified vocals. Once pulled into the moody hazy soundscapes, the singer begins telling the story, and the title becomes more and more fitting. The lyrics open the window to a smoky club scene, where the search for love meets with shady people, emotional manipulators and husks devoid of emotional sympathy. Sophia describes the story as “reaching out for love and touching a hologram.”

The instrumental side supports the story beautifully, following the rollercoaster of feelings. The explosive goosebump-inducing chorus sounds huge like a cathedral hall except there’s no visible sight of any walls. That is followed by an emotional downward spiral muting out all sounds, even the percussion gets damp at the end – accurate representation of despair. The deep bassline adds a notably ominous taste to the whole sound. The song is rich with little elements spicing up the scene, adding a lot to recreating the confused mental state of a person who has one destination on sight – to get out of this whole situation. “Tripwire” has turned out to be an excellent execution of this emotional state, and none of its complex nuances are left out from the image.

The arrival of “Tripwire” announces one more thing – there’s a new EP on its way. Expect an exploration into the darker realms of all things electronic pop in the upcoming “Dang EP”. Fearless in probing for the edges and experimenting with sound, you can be sure Sophia Prise has a lot of incredible music yet to come!

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