Split Persona “On Your Own”

We’re glad to announce that Reno, United States-based hard rock band Split Persona have released a new single, entitled “On Your Own.


Led by the vision of Zander Hoschak and the intensely ambitious spirit of the independent rock scene, Split Persona got off to such a blazing start in 2019 and early 2020 that literally only a pandemic had the power to halt their momentum. For a group that formed by accident, they bring a ton of edgy, eclectic sonic energies and a STUNNING live performance to the indie rock world – balancing explosive, hard hitting guitar stabs and propulsive drum parts with memorable melodies, catchy hooks and the singer’s emotionally compelling but often coolly abstract lyrics. Split Persona released their eponymous debut EP last year, and they’ve returned with a great new single, “On Your Own,” released July 30th 2021.

Blending elements of early alt-rock, catchy melodies, and toned guitars, Split Persona’s newest single “On Your Own” is the perfect soundtrack for the times you want to sing in the shower, scream in your car, or even throw a keg party. The band has definitely returned with a sound that seems like it will stay, with no complaints whatsoever. This itself is just a little taste of what their new album will sound like, releasing over the next couple months.

“On Your Own” begins nicely with a fuzzily distorted electric guitar melody, while the explosive drums and rolling bass soon join the guitar’s weighted riffs to create a compelling and pleasantly heavy groove that sustains the track’s lyrical passages quite well. From catchy choruses to fiery guitar solos, “On Your Own” presents listeners with a highly enjoyable listen that showcases Split Persona’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative-, indie-, and hard rock alike.

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