Ali Manges “Tangerine Love”

Summer is slowly starting to close its doors. And thus, today’s single channels all the summery vibes together, the experiences and feelings coming from the first love turned into memories in warm soft foam. This particular song I’m going to talk about is also the debut single of a very fresh artist!

Today’s star is Ali Manges, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter. Writing her own original songs since the age of 16, the young artist has found her heart in the sound of indie folk, and that’s the music she loves to write. Crafting melodies on a second-hand acoustic guitar and building pure-of-heart lyrics influenced by her experiences and life in general, her music becomes kind of a musical diary, stories told by the campfire. The personal nature of her lyrics create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Ali Manges talks a little more about her music and the future plans as an artist:

“I think they can expect extremely personal lyrics with a warm easygoing vibe. My songs are basically just a timeline of my very real, raw emotions. As for what’s next, I’m working on putting out the next single, (which is kind of a sister to Tangerine Love.) But also, I have a self-written album that I am hoping to put out at some point. I described my album concept in my journal once as “Bleeding coming of age smashed with honey folk and sentimentality.” So, that is the vibe I am hoping to achieve.”

Ali Manges has released her debut single back in June, a song with the sweetest title “Tangerine Love”. Written to be summery and full of love, it’s a story of the artist falling in love for the first time. Everything feels airy and warm and so so fluttery, and all of those feelings have been collected and formed into a simple and lovely song.

Beginning with gentle guitar playing which feels almost poetic, the song builds up a soft atmosphere. Her vocals soon join in, pure and emotive and very much lovestruck, caressing the feelings and at the same time wondering if this is truly real. The emotions grow stronger as the song develops, painting a visual of a young girl walking down the street to the house of her loved one, the warmth of morning sun on her back and summer breeze brushing against her face. Huge amounts of love held carefully, hoping it will never disappear.

“I wrote this song a little over a year ago on my bedroom floor. I was messing around on my guitar, and playing the same set of chords over and over and just started singing the tune for the chorus over it. I had the opening line, “Honey you must be a dream” playing over and over in my head for a while. It ended up fitting perfectly into the tune I was singing over my guitar. Weirdly enough, I actually didn’t take the song seriously when I first wrote it. I thought that the main chorus was too cheesy and I almost changed the title from Tangerine Love. I didn’t even consider it a real song of mine until I played part of the first verse and chorus for my sister and she was like,” You should really finish that one.” I wrote it at a time in my life where I was falling in love for the first time right as the seasons were changing. I was just overwhelmed by how warm and summery the love was. I knew I wanted the song to sound the way summer felt.”

A perfect love song, capturing the atmosphere and emotions flowing about. And when the winter comes, this song becomes a kind of a sphere which, when touched, makes you feel like it’s summer and fresh love again!

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