Teena “flowergirl”

Teena gives the cold shoulder to anyone and anything that tries to impose a role onto her, refusing to be the society-approved ‘flowergirl‘. 

A young adult with a goal of bringing a never-heard-before diversity to the pop world, Teenatown is a fan of experimentation and giving everything a chance, as she is willing to try out anything and see if giving it her own spin will make it something she and her audience will love. She’s been playing around with music since she was a teenager, and at age eighteen she began with the baby steps known as GarageBand loops. 

Now, in mid 2021 and after a couple of releases under her artist persona, Teen has found her home in upbeat and moving bass-lines. She blends that constant and addictive beat with some disco influences, which mainly influence her vocal style, other 80’s pop characteristics, and some pop-punk or contemporary pop elements, to create something unique to her while paying homage to the female artists that have helped her find her way in music (among them Donna Summer and Hayley Williams).

For the latest installment in her discography, and a tease of her forthcoming EP ‘LUCID LULLABY‘, Teena’s flowergirl is a peak of her pop sound and authenticity. 

flowergirl is an unashamedly confident and proud anthem to individuality, as it refuses to be bound to any stereotypes or assumed roles. Despite it’s soft-sounding name, which would make many imagine a delicate and more ballad-inclined melody, Teena’s newest single is a strong electro-pop punch that will knock listeners and haters (of her ideology) alike off their feet. 

The song is a rejection of gender binaries, ex-lovers, and negative influences that might try to change the way you present yourself, force you back into a relationship where you won’t be happy, or make you adapt to their idea of what’s the “right way to live”. Using its strong drums and bass, the centerpiece of the track, to tell anyone who disagrees with her freedom to stay away, Teenatown protects her happiness and that of anyone who feels the same way she does. 

In whatever way the listener desires for it, flowergirl is an empowerment boost people will always be able to rely on. Regardless of what your main obstacle is, Teena and her catchy flow and melodies will be there to help you get through it.

If you enjoyed Teena’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her (Instagram, FacebookTwitter, TikTok) accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and YouTube channel).

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