UMBRELLA No.9 “We have to live something”

It is Monday, everyone! The perfect chance for new beginnings and fresh starts. So get yourself straight and kick off the week with the right foot with today’s new single, “We Have To Live Something” by UK artists, Umbrella No. 9.

A nice and simple yet complex composition from the masterful minds of these three fine gentlemen. Adam Bowser, Will Ryan and Martin Ryan released their second single up to date, an indie song inspired by Indie bands from the late 90s and early 2000s. Umbrella No. 9 from Lincoln, UK, are crafting a sound that is both unique and mesmerizing.

“We Have To Live Something” starts with an intriguing chromatic progression that gives way to the colorful verses. Drums, bass, guitars and violins pave the way for Adam Bowser’s singing, with lyrics that will make you go hmm...

Catchy and brilliant, the three musicians pulled their inspiration from the soul, reggae and funk of their Manchester years and meld it with rock, pop and jazz of the ages to create their own personal sound.

“A sort of indie fusion of rock and soul sensibilities.” thats how the band describes their music. Previously immersed into funk and soul with other bands, these musicians decided to go back to their roots and start connecting with their musical influences again. This grounding in both sensibilities brings an authenticity to a sound that’s faithful to both; neither style is just an ad on and in their songs the grooves and the melodies have equal status.

Adam and Martin usually come up together with a musical idea and theme before hitting the rehearsal room where the foundations and song’s structure really start to come together. After that, the band has fun as they fully experiment with each song.

‘”We Have To Live Something’ is about the loss of a great love in youth and the discovery that it was never possible to find a love quite as special again. It’s about the power of formative experiences and how we only realise later how powerful they were.” – Umbrella No. 9

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