Flaming June- “Paralyse Me Where I Stand”

Flaming June, a.k.a. Louise Eatock, makes a comeback to our blog once again after her previous based-on-real-events single ” The Ballad Of Daniel Dawson” with her new track “Paralyse Me Where I Stand”. The track encompases emotions of anxiety which Flaming June is able to perfectly transmit with her musical and lyrical prowess.

Paralyse Me Where I Stand” is the second single of Flaming June’s album Hope in a Jar to be released in November of this year. The album was produced and recorded at home by the artist during the 2020-2021 period of the pandemic. As it is the case of her previous work, Flaming June’s new single takes as a basis a rich folk sound. The guitars and the drums build the backbone of the single, with their non-stop energy. Throughout the track, they slowly build the momentum that fully carry Flaming June’s vocals and lyrics to a whole other level.

While “The Ballad of Daniel Dawson” focused in storytelling by adopting the perspective of one of the characters of the anecdote, “Paralyse Me Where I Stand” takes a more personal lens. But it also tells a story, albeit in an indirect manner. It is a single that explores the overwhelming anxiety that someone with neurodivergent conditions may experiment. In this case, it is ADHD. The lyrics, as well as the music, strongly transmit these emotions. Flaming June uses strong metaphors to makes us feel the fear of an oncoming panic attack: unstoppable hurricanes, fires, killers, trains that leave no way out. We soon feel that we are out of control of the situation. We soon feel overwhelmed and paralysed: “Everything is now the future and the past”.

“Paralyse Me Where I Stand” tackles its themes at a musical level, even if one does not pay attention to the lyrics. Alongside each verse, Flaming June introduces a new instrument into the mix. Guitars, violins, basses, drums, they come together little by little, building up the emotional intensity of the track until it reaches its climax in the chorus. It creates the effect, as it is the case in the lyrics, of something coming closer. Something that reaches us and does not let us go.

Flaming June had shown us that she is capable of telling stories with music with her previous work. With “Paralyse Me Where I Stand”, she goes further beyond: she proves us that she is able of telling and transmitting emotions through music.

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