The_Meskimo “Come Underneath My Covers” feat. Fernando Paul

We’re glad to announce that United States-based alternative/indie rock artist The_Meskimo has released a new single, entitled “Come Underneath My Covers,” featuring guitarist Fernando Paul.

The_Meskimo is influenced by bands such as Tame Impala, Modest Mouse, and Queens of the Stone Age; and his music has been featured on The Buzzroll Media podcast with Shay Drinkwalter as well as having a great SoundCloud following. The_Meskimo’s Instagram and Facebook profiles have been picking up steam as well, and he’s also had several excellent reviews with MusoSoup.

Explaining the meaning behind his newest single, The_Meskimo says, “The title pretty much sums it up. What do you do with a love underneath your covers?

The_Meskimo released his debut album, Revolution and Tea Party Tunes, in February of this year, and he’s since also released several great singles prior to “Come Underneath My Covers.” Thanks to the connective power of the internet, his latest single features Fernando Paul, based out of Brazil, who supplied the guitar tracks via internet cables traversing north through the Americas, to The_Meskimo’s delight.

And describing the songwriting process and inspiration behind “Come Underneath My Covers,” The_Meskimo writes, “The bass line fell right into the beat of the drums. From there, the magic happened as they sayThe bass line for this song was originally being used for a reggae style song. The flow was obviously a bit different but the progression is the same. I was feeling a bit stuck with the reggae version, having a moment of writers block. So I started playing the bass line as an upright and I almost immediately thought “this is fucking sexy” lol. And from there I changed the direction of the song and couldn’t get out of my head how it sounded like it belonged in some romantic scene of a movie. I have a habit of envisioning what Tarantino movie and scene a song of mine would fit in. I feel they would do well in some Coen brothers movies as well lol.

For first-time listeners, The_Meskimo says, “If this is your first time listening, Welcome aboard! Very happy to have you as a listener and potential follower/fan! I like to create genre spanning music, incorporating elements that normally wouldn’t or shouldn’t work well together and create these songs that end up with a unique vibe to them. I am very active with my fanbase, if you visit my SoundCloud you’ll see I try to answer and reply to all my comments and DM’s. I love engaging conversation with people, it helps spark inspiration and has even led to collaborations that span the globe!! I am always creating new material so stay tuned!

“Come Underneath My Covers” begins with a bluesy upright bass line, its punchy, resonant notes creating a pleasant groove along with the steady yet dynamic drums rhythms. Fernando Paul’s beautifully played electric guitar melodies soon join in, adding to the sultry sound of the track and leaving no question as to what it is about; while a piano later joins in as well, complementing the bass and guitar melodies quite nicely as well as adding further depth to this wonderful instrumental track. “Come Underneath My Covers” is quite an enjoyable listen, demonstrating the brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship of The_Meskimo and Fernando Paul; I would highly recommend this track to fans of relaxing instrumental rock, as well as to fans of alternative- and indie music alike. 

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